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One of the best mobile games in 2017. From stunning graphics, gameplay and features, there is no doubt for this game to reach million of downloads in less than a month release. Currently the game is on soft release on few countries. I’m happy I have the opportunity to play it with early access. This makes me discovered lot things in game which I’m going to share here for new comer or serious player who wants to dominate the game. This will put you in the top of the leaderboard regardless of not spending cash in this game. So let’s go

1. Auto grinding and farming cheat. The same with most games from Netmarble, this game comes as grindy too. Meaning the more time you spend in game the stronger you become. In grinding you need to play on specific stage and consume all your stamina there. For hardcore gamers who understand the advantage they can get from it, it is not really a big deal. But for casual gamer or typical players this is boring to do. That is why I believe that this cheat for Yokai Saga will help them a lot.

So first we need to download an application that can record. Yeah, instead of doing the same thing over and over, we will record and it play so we can have an auto-pilot. Now for the application that can do this for you, you can get the free version of Repetitouch from Google Play.

In case that you are playing in PC using emulator, download Nox and enjoy their script recording feature. Both is good for overnight grinding in full auto.

If you already have the app required, start the record and then complete a stage. Make sure this stage gives you better loots and experience points so you will get a lot from the time you spend in grinding. Record a single run and save the record. Once you have completed the stage, stop the record and then play it and this will let you have an auto-pilot. Just play the record action every time you want to grind. (Update: we don’t need this cheat anymore as they included auto-repeat / auto-fight. )

2. Link your game. This secure your game as well as letting you to play data across several devices. In this feature, you have three options such as linking it to your Facebook, Google, and Netmarble account.

3. Getting 6-star character easier. Have you ever wondered there are players’ name flashing in screen envying you that they get 5-star and 6-star character in game? It is because they know the tricks on how to obtain it. Well the trick comes from premium summon. But this time you need to avail the 300-starstone worth of summon. The common mistake for most players are spending their diamond into a single draw. It is very tempting to go for a single draw as we think that this could be a shortcut to have 5-6-star character, unfortunately not.

Well to give you a guaranteed of higher tier character you must save all your gems to get avail the premium summon. Now we mentioned about gem/diamond or specifically start-stones. But it doesn’t mean that you need to spend money for this game. There are lot of events and promo to earn free star-stones. It is not about how many premium currency you can have it is about how can you save it until you can purchase the 300 worth summon.

4. Take advantage the Kinnaree Festival. This will let you get the 5-star Hero Hunter Kinnaree for free. All you to have to do is to complete all tasks given everyday for 7 days. I believe that this is limited event for new server so in case that you missed this even in your server, I suggest to find a new server so you can participate in this event. Kinnaree is a good character to start with. This will gives you an early boost in game.

5. Log-in daily for free Star Stones. I told you above that you don’t need to spend money in this game to get 5-6-star character using the trick we shared above. A good example here is the the new player check-in event. Here you just need to log-in daily to claim your free star stones. Upon completing the 7-day log-in, you can have as much as 600 star stones which is enough for 2 premium summon.

6. Check your mail box from time to time. All rewards that you get in game will not directly go to your inventory but on your mail box. Make sure to check it from time to time to collect the rewards you get from events, in-game features, missions, quests and etc.

7.  As as many friends as possible. Through friend system, you can send and receive honor points which you can use to spend in shop. From this concept, it would be better if you are going to have several friends so you can acquire honor points faster.

8. Complete your quests. Here you have daily, weekly and monthly quest plus the achievements. Every category has corresponding difficulty. For daily, it has task that you can complete in less than 24 hours. It has few rewards but enough for daily supply. For weekly this come as more difficult to accomplish than daily. But don’t worry because you have several days for it. Achievement has a permanent task deals on how progress you do in game. As a hardcore gamer, completing an achievement is a good way to know how good you are in game.

That’s it for my Yokai Saga cheats and guides. If you want to discuss more about this game or some inquiry regarding on what I shared above, don’t hesitate to contact me using the comment form below.

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