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One of the best MMORPG that you can play on mobile nowadays. In this game you will greatly notice that different levels of the map has a different visual effects. There are also variety of functions in such as cool profession skills, beautiful fashion, special skills with your teammate and adorable pet. And like with most MMORPG, you can participate in guild events and cross-server competition that only ends with serious rivalry from different players around the world.

I mentioned about profession skill, this is about a variety of job skills and special relics transfiguration skills so that players can try their own skill based on their role in game. The game offers a massive experience in terms of innovative growth as players can enhance their abilities by upgrading roles developing equipment, pets, wings, mounts and special features. There is also apprenticeship system that can help some new players to integrate into the game with the help of veteran players in return for rewards.

And for you ultimate guide, we are going to share to you our Witchers cheats and guides.

1. The best class in Witchers. Upon starting playing this game, the very first question that will come to your mind is what class you are going to play. This will leads up of knowing what is the best class in PvP or what is the best class for farming. Well to answer this question we need first to understand  each character in game.

Mage – This is the main nuker of the game or the class that can deal damage in AoE. This character has the best damage output from the three but also the weakest in terms of defense. This is the main target on guild wars because of its threat. This class is best if you believe in saying, “offense is the best defense” Like in most MMORPG, I have a huge interest on playing offensive based characters. This challenged me a lot especially on playing defensively while still inflicting heavy damage.

Warrior – The main tank in game. This class can also be played as support and the front liner of every battle. The least damage output but very reliable in terms of defense. This class is very important in team as you need someone to tank the damage so the damager can perform their job effectively. I believe this is the best class in PvP since he can do both defense and offense. Unlike with mage, you really need to have defender/support unless you are skilled enough to dodge all attacks.

Assassin – The melee physical damager in Witchers. Aesthetically, this is the best class from his appearances to abilities. Assassin, uses agility as the primary weapon to kill the targets without giving them a chance to fight back. Like mage it requires advanced skill from players since you are in the middle of both offense and defense. Good in both PvP and PvE.

2. Easy grinding and farming cheats. This is how players made to level up faster despite the game had just released few hours ago. This is not new actually as we were already using it in some MMORPG and this cheat prove it will compensate you a lot especially on grinding. The trick here is to create 3 characters under each class and put it in one party. Instead of playing with random players you don’t know if they are going to play as serious as yours. Also with a party that you are going to play solely you are sure that this will not leave you while you are away.

Now that question is how you are going to play all of three classes. You can download Nox emulator for PC that will let you play Witchers on PC. You need it so you can play three accounts at the same time. It will gives you almost 3x progress since experience and gold system is fix for each player. Meaning it will not be divided on party but what your teammate get will also count as yours. If you get 100 gold, your two members will also get the same amount.

3. Play Daily. This will never be a problem because we all know that if you are serious in this game, you are going to play every day. In return for your activity, they are going to give you rewards daily. The best of it is when you reach day 7, you are going to acquire a Platinum Legion. In case that you don’t feel playing just play to claim rewards or you can ask someone that have access in your account to claim the rewards in 7 days check-in.

4. Participate in events. As a new server released, there will be events that you can participate that will gives you premium items. Unlike with log-in event you need to exert effort in this rewarding system. Most of event is asking for your activity like level grinding and lot more.

5. Participate on Facebook events. This event will endorse you to social feature such as liking, sharing and inviting players on Facebook to play Witchers. It has a very good amount of rewards. It is not also an individual events meaning all players can join together to reach the goal and claim the rewards.

6. Redeem your reward through promo codes. If you are one of those who are lucky players who pre-registered in this game and you have a promo codes, you can claim your rewards in through setting and then tap on exchange code so you can enter your promo code for gift.

7. Complete the achievements. Unlike with quest this will challenge you a lot. There is no time limit for it. And most task will be based on your progress. The best on achievement is the free gems in game. This is for those who don’t have cash to spend in game. All you have to do is to take patience on completing the requirement on achievement tab.

That’s it. Hope by following the cheats and guides we mentioned above, you can also be on the top of the leaderboard. If you have question regarding on our tips, you can reach us through comment section below. Enjoy!

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