What Is Ragnarok Online Revo Classic?


Thanks to EXE for bringing back Ragnarok Online to the Philippines. While everyone is excited for the release of CTB on June 20, most of us  have still lots of question on their mind regarding on the new set up of the game. They are planning to bring back the classic experience we enjoyed 14 years ago and they called it a Revo Classic. What is this Revo Classic actually?

This is the episode that EXE released on their local server in Thailand and they are also planning to implement it in Philippine server. To compare it with the Ragnarok Online we played 14 years ago, this is totally different so don’t expect too much for nostalgia because the game is already revolutionized on the release. To give you few details about this episode, we enlisted it below:

1. It has 2-1 job. They want us to experience a fresh Ragnarok and like how episode and class released, we will follow the same progress. In Revo Classic, there is only 13 classes. One for novice, 6 for first job and 6 for second job. The alternative job or the 2-2 is going to release after 6 months (so that will be on December). And the way they released it on Thai server, it is not a full release for alternative job.  A partial release of 2 classes on every 2 months. The trans class is going to release after 2 years. Well I would be happy if the game reach that certain age.

2. Requires tons of experience to level up compare to the classic version. In classic version you need 99m EXP to reach 99 from 89 in Revo Classic you need 250m EXP to level so it is almost x3 harder to reach the max level. This is to push their item mall with training manual or EXP booster. This will also convince you to buy insurance for no EXP loss on death. Aside from base character level there is a also a huge adjustment to job level. Job EXP for the second class is almost 8x harder now. Meaning the time you will get maxed with your job level is when you reach base level 95.

3. Weapon level is more important than cards bounded to it. In classic Ragnarok Online, a composite bow with 4 good cards imbued to it is a lot better than a non-slotted Hunter Bow. But not this time, because the overall output of your weapon including your card will be based on the base attack power of it which commonly rated by weapon level.

4. No more bot. This the reason why we are going to play Ragnarok Online once it release on PH. We all know that bots killed the real spirit of Ragnarok and MMORPG community so on the release of Revo Classic, EXE promised that there will be no bots on their server just like the way they secured the Thailand server.

5. Item Mall. Though I’m not fan of item mall in any MMORPG that only leads for pay-to-win mechanics, Ragnarok Online Revo Classic is not pay-to-play anymore but they are going to release it under free-to-play with premium shop on it that players can buy to get boosted in game. To know the list of items available on this premium shop you can click here.

6. Multi-login. This is the biggest issue in Philippine community right now. Most of us hate this system because we want to preserve the old school experience of party system in game. We believe that the multi-login will affect the party system as players can do a priest-slave on leveling. Hope they will take an action for this case. Considering the Thailand server, they have multi-login on it and like what we are expecting they are going to implement the same way.

7. Party is a must. GH kill steal and magni party is not going to work now. They made a lot of changes on leveling system of the game to slow down their players. We all know that KS-ing in GH is a very good way to earn massive amount of experience point for Mage, Acolyte and Hunter. To fix the issue, they change the way you can get experience point especially on KS-ing. So on Revo Classic you really need a decent party that will assist you on leveling. I’m looking at this why they want a multi-login so anyone can have the party of their own.

8. Magic attack made a huge nerf. If Wizard dominated the early episode of Ragnarok, in Revo Classic they made a big changes on how magic attack works especially on casting delay.

These information are based from Thailand Ragnarok Online which we are expecting to implement on Philippine Ragnarok as both server have Revo Classic Episode under the same publisher. So if you are going to play the game on its upcoming release because of nostalia, maybe you should think again because the fact is, this is not actually the original pRO we are expecting to play like we used to.

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