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From the developer of Loong Craft, now we can enjoy their another open-world MMORPG in mobile platform, War of Rings. In this game players can travel to the wonderful homelands of elves, gnomes, orcs, dwarfs, and cyclopes to collect the 27 powerful rings. Each ring has their own power to offer for players. I consider this game as the real mobile MMO where you can farm equipment by killing mobs or you can enjoy the trade system without any price restriction. And just like in most MMO, you can enjoy the powerful and diverse social system where guild members and friends can fight alongside. There is a also an exciting world boss system where endless hunts begin. And to help you play this War of Rings effective, I’m going to share to cheats and guides below:

Ultra fast grinding and farming cheats

Have you noticed why there are some players who already reached level 200 in just a day? Or how they can obtain rare items easily? It is because we are using cheats for grinding and farming that let us obtain x2 or even x3 result. The tricks here is to play with a team and get x2 or x3 loots/EXP based on the number of your team. This is unlike other MMO where all stuffs that you get from grinding will be divided on the number of members in team. In War of Rings, what your teammate will get in farming, will be also given to you. Meaning if you are two in your team, you can double it or if you are three, you can get triple the resources you will get. Most players can do that and that is why there are lot of players want to play in team. But unfortunately, it is not easy to get a team that is able to play the way you do.

The cheat here is to create 1 or 2 more accounts to support your main character. Play these other accounts simultaneously using Nox Emulator’s Multi-Drive. This is their built-in feature where you can play 3 instances at the same time. Yes you need high end PC to do this since emulator requires good CPU. By controlling the entire team, you can assure the availability of each character. You can also avoid the AFK problem wherein your teammate will leave you while you are in AFK grinding. You have also higher rate of getting rare items since you have 3 characters farming item for your main account.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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