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We enlisted here what we found in Tap Titans 2 that even the game itself never mentioned or explained which are ironically important or useful for players to know. This will either let you strategize how you play the game for the fact that this is not only about tapping. You can do tapping for week and get same progress while there are some players who already made it in 1000+ stages in one day. We believe that you are going to enjoy this game a lot if you play this game less focus on tapping while letting the auto-tap do it for you and go for different views in game. So here are our list:

1. Tap Titans 2 reset time. This is important as daily rewards reset in this time. The game reset every 7PM EST / 12AM UTC. Make sure to be in game on the said time even once so you will not miss the daily rewards.

2. Tap Titans 2 Tournament Schedule. It is exciting to join the tournament as the competition will grant you x2 damage while you are in progress as well as perks, and the prestigious diamonds based on your rank. This is another way to earn free diamonds. And for those who are asking for the exact tournament time, this is every Sunday and Wednesday 7PM EST / 12AM UTC. Make sure to be online on that time so you have the opportunity to join the tournament. This requires prestige and now that you know the exact time for tournament you can plan your prestige ahead.

3. Clan Quest Damage. We got this as FAQs in Tap Titans 2 as there are players asking how we get such big damage in clan boss. Players started on having 50s damage and they see we made difference in terms of per damage ranking. Some says it is about prestige. Actually to be exact your damage output in clan quest is based on the highest level you achieve before doing a prestige. So if you reach stage 200 as highest, you will get 200 damage against boss or 500 damage for stage 500. This is the reason why you need to excel for higher level everytime you do a prestige.

4. The higher the level the bigger the amount of artifacts you will get. Aside from getting higher damage in boss clan, you will get more artifacts by reaching higher level. We saw players who are doing a prestige everytime they reach level 600. Maybe they are excited to get artifacts or lose patience in grinding especially in stage 150 up since they don’t know the mechanics of this game. Ironically the conversion between levels and artifacts is somehow crazy. You will get +50 artifacts from stage 200 while only 3-10 artifacts for stage 100.

5. Best Pet In Tap Titans 2. To be honest I haven’t unlocked all pets available in game but from progress I can see that the best pet which gives the best active and passive skills is Phobos. This multiply your tap damage to x2,x3, or even 10x based on its level. This procs greatly with taps as you will get flat damage multiplier for every level. Together with Phobos I got other pet from another account named Malli (not sure) with the same stats as Phobos. So I’m aware that there are some players who have different yet the same pet skills.

6. Shop price reset as shop does. Now that you know the strongest pet in Tap Titans 2 I know that you will rush in shop to boost their level like what we did. Just for additional info in shop’s price, the price is getting higher everytime you purchase the same item/pet and this price reset as shop does. So if you rush Phobus to get reach level 5 that let you spent 150 diamonds or more. Once the shop resets and you see Phobus there, you can buy the level 6 for 25 diamonds only and so on. But still pets availability in shops is random so that’s why it is still better to boost your pet even in higher price if you have “lot of diamonds.”

7. Use Pet Combat skills. Excuse for those who are relying too much with Tap Titans 2 cheat but in the latter levels you really need to use combat skills for pet as this is very powerful and useful especially in boss fight. Most players missed this feature of the game as they are using auto-tap most of the time. I found it interesting because of playing this game with auto-tap drains me hard. So I need something different, a dynamic way of enjoying this game and fortunately this feature gives a difference from other tapping based game. In Tap Titans 2,  pet has 3 available skills you need to activate manually in combat such as:

Lightning burst –  This skill causes your pet to occasionally move to the center and start to glow. You need to tap until all three circles in the triangle are filled. Your pet will glow white. Tap on it to deal a burst of damage based on your pet damage. This skill only works on normal titans.

Flash Zip –  This skill activates only in boss fight. Here your pet will glow in white circle and all you have to do is to tap it. Unlike with lightning burst wherein you can use the auto-tap as it has same location (center) every time, Flash Zip has randomized location and you have limited time to tap it. It has 6 locations to tap and every tap deals damage and for the final blast it will do a massive damage based on your pet damage.

Heart of Midas – Unlike with two skills mentioned above that is already unlocked on your pet, Heart of Midas needs to activate from skill tree before you can use it in fight. With this skill, you will randomly see your pet have a glowing gold circle around it. Upon tapping on your pet, it will gives you gold based on titan you are currently fighting.

8. Best skill to invest in Tap Titans 2. Fire sword – do I need to say more? This skill procs with your tap damage which also works with your Phobus active skill.

9. Clan Icon notification. You might not notice it but the clan icon change based on boss availability. You will see  this icon  if the quest is available while this icon  if not. With this, you don’t need to check the clan from time to time just look for the icon. Once you see there is a exclamation mark on it, meaning there is someone from your clan messaged.

10. Level up your heroes equally. There is no reason to max out a single hero as level 20 skill is the same stats with level 500 but a huge difference on the amount of gold you need to spend to level up. With this concept (which I hope Tap Titans 2 devs will change it soon as there is no exciting factor to reach level 4000) it will be better if you balance distributing gold on every hero you have in game. In my case, I had balanced them to reach level 400 as it has reasonable stats as well as not too expensive to level up.

That’s my list for now and I will update it from time to time once I found interesting details in game. Please don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can immediately go back here for more updates in the future. If you want to add something in my list which I missed to include, you can use the comment box below. See ya soon friends.

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  • Who wrote this? So much misinformation, while Phobos and fire sword increase tap damage a lot, that damage is nothing compared to what your heroes are capable of. Invest in one type (let’s say Mage) and get a pet with magic damage, artifact with spell damage etc and all equipment as spell damage then only really level your magic heroes (except the ones that give you gold bonus etc) I can guarantee you will reach higher stages with much much less tapping. Oh and war cry is by far the best skill to use I never use anything else.

        • Tap damage overtake hero damage once at 1000+ because of Damage multipliers for tap damage from heroes.

          tap damage scales with hero damage then.

          you should still only spend gold on heroes ofc as its useless to lv your character after you get +% tap damage from heroes.

      • I am currently hitting stage 1800 without even tapping at all (pushing for 2500 next tournament) with clan mates at 3500, we all use the strategy described by Chris, let me explain why.

        Numerous heroes such as Kronus and many others after evolution (lvl 1000 upgrade) will have an upgrade that gives you 0.1% of hero dmg as tap damage. Warcry with enough artifacts will boost your hero damage significantly, which applies to firesword if you use firesword during warcry (just at the very end, firesword efficiency does not change for its duration). My warcry gives me x91 hero dmg at lvl 4 while my firesword gives me 1400x tap damage at lvl 6 (I do not upgrade these skills their maximum since it costs more mana to use)

        Combine all this and your tap damage completely comes from your hero dmg, making tap based pets useless as they do not take hero dmg into consideration.

        My tap damage drops to 0.001 of what it would be if I switched off my Mousy at x8.8 range dmg and onto Phobos, whom is at x23 tap dmg.

        Also to note, the 500 pet levels for auto pet dmg should be your primary goal. Having so many pets makes pet damage the single strongest attack in the game (my tap damage does nothing, but pet damage gives me x4 splash all the way up to 1800) Therefore, you should be getting 25 diamond pets every day, and not wasting excess diamonds on extra pet levels. Missing one or two levels on your primary pets won’t hurt you as much as just getting that auto pet dmg late.

          • oh and pet damage is stronger by default as it scales with oyur tap damage:P

            Pet damage is always going to be the strongest in the world

    • nope tap damage is superior at zonq 1000+ after you unlock + tap damage from heroes. evolve may heroes get as many tap damage multipliers possible.

      thats what makes firesword so strong when used when warcry has 1 sec left firesword gets multipliers from warcry

      and tapdamage in itself scales really greatly with hero damage.

  • we are using auto-tap cheat so we focus on tap damage. war cry is useless if you are already using cheat since you have tap speed limit. 1 milisecond interval .

    anyway i respect your hero based strategy. Thanks for sharing it.

    • The majority of your tap damage actually comes from hero dmg after you get Kronus’ tap damage upgrade. Because of this, if you use warcry before firesword, it boosts firesword’s effect by whatever multiplier is on warcry.

      This is especially essential past stage 500-1000

  • Heroes dps is much better than tap dps… with pet toto at lvl 15 it gives me 2.3ag dps without even touch my screen and using that advantage of 1.5x offline gold gained.. I’m getting more gold to up my heroes while playing other games..

    • correction 1-136 zones tap damage is better than hero damage. after you unlock +% tap damage from many heroes

      tap damage is best but still need to lv heroes.

      after you get to zone 1000+ tap damage is best in game as it keeps scaling with your heroes. why do you think firesword is so damn strong late game?

      Critical hits with tap damage does like 20x damage of my hero so yea. tap damage is op
      pet damage is however stronger as its always scaling with your tap damage…
      pet damage only activate if your tapping before you have 500+ total pet levels.

      yet you should not use + Tap damage items over hero damage or pet damage.
      all damage is superior to everything. stack all damage and pet damage:P

  • Stage 1800 here, Toto best pet for hero dmg, hero damage best until pet damage takes over, fire sword best skill IF USED after war cry

  • Helpful for beginners but not for players at stage 1000+. Best pet for me is bubbles since gold help you upgrade heroes for better damage.

    • i’m sorry this is outdated. after several updates. i currently at 3k stage. yeah tap damage is nothing compare to hero damage.

  • @ stage 4k for reference tap dmg still pails in comparison to hero dmg yes the 1k-1.5k range tap can be stronger but you using two skills (waste of Mana) to achieve this you get a much higher climb rate using just war cry in general but really the best strategy so far is zero tap silent March to stage 2k+ and just letting war cry do its thing after 2k the reason is because after you get all you +% tap dmg from hero’s it only adds up to a grand total of 1%-2% of you hero dmg and it doesn’t scale any where near where you would be just leveling your hero’s I only take my hero to lv500 so I can add skills in one at a time as I run outta Mana to refill it and I made it to stage 4k in less then a month of playing

  • This guide is only good for beginner players. Once you reach 1000+ stage, everything changes. Your hero damage becomes a lot more important because your tap damage depends upon the hero damage. Phobos definitely is not important at higher levels. I like switching between pets that give gold advantages and magic hero damage.

  • This guide is not really applicable anymore.

    Agree with Chris. Tap damage is not useful at higher levels. I don’t even use fire sword anymore.

    Once you have over 100 specific pets, it doesn’t matter about switching because you will not get any more bonuses. But you should focus on a pet that is not at 100 because you will get a boost in bonus.

  • Just here to clarify, tap dmg multipliers only affect SM tap damage (the one you get by upgrading Sword Master) and DO NOT apply to bonus tap damage from heroes, which is the main source of tap damage later on. So Phobos and Hamy no matter what become irrelevant as soon as heroes damage take over SM tap damage (maybe useful for the pet auto-attack bonus when you get a total of 500 pet level?)

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