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This game is a big revolution for Action Role Playing in mobile platforms wherein you can enjoy the cutting-edge action gameplay and stunning graphics. Though this is the first time for us to play a game with one character to use (as of now) I can still recommend this game for those who want to invest on graphics and gample. There is a one character (female) but sad to say this is not playable at this time. So we don’t have choices at all but to use the male character. Despite of that, the game is still fun to play because of several skills as well as endless combo you can connect from it.

The game also offer in-depth challenge from epic bosses that requires good strategy to beat them. This includes a good skills to use, combining attacks, empowering your arsenal and making progress through out the game. And that is why we are here, to share to you The World 3: Rise of Demon cheats and guides that we did to dominate this game despite of now using money to get advantage. So let’s go!

1. Full auto-pilot grinding and farming. Compare it to most mobile games, the World 3 has no auto-pilot feature which encourage everyone to play it manually to enjoy the full challenge. Well I really like the gameplay and I can stay for hours doing some hack-slash. The fun is there but when it comes to grinding, I admit that auto will be a big help. So we cheat and do auto-pilot grinding and farming. Unlike with the usual auto-battle, only the fight scene will be automated and it still requires players interaction. Using cheat, we can assure that all we need to do is to set up what we need and leave the game for full auto.

About the things we need for this cheat, first you must download an application that can record. We all know that grinding is a repetitive task, so instead of doing the same thing over and over, we will record it and play the record so it will play the game for us. Any application that is capable of what we want to get. As for our preferences, we have two option in the list. First is the Repetitouch (free version) if we are playing in mobile device and Nox emulator if we are playing in PC. If  you are doing this cheat, emulator we will be the best so we can guarantee that it will work 24 hours or long hours of grinding. This is the limitation in playing in mobile device and I know that as a hardcore gamer this is your nightmare so let’s wake up from it and install Nox emulator in PC.

Now that you are playing in Nox emulator, what you need to do is to run their built-in feature of script recording. Record the part you are grinding. Select a good stage to grind, this is where you can get lots of experience points and loots but still easy for you to complete. Though no need to rush because there is no limit for you to grind unlike with most games that you need get the best on every run as your stamina is limited. Maybe because the game still on early release that is why there is no stamina or energy system but that is the fact that we can easily get our advantage using cheat. Once you complete the level, tap on the same stage you farmed until you get on the part you started the record. After completing the cycle, you can stop the record and then play it and you will see it will pilot your game in full auto. Just don’t forget to set it infinite loop so it will not stop until you tell it to do so.

2. Don’t miss the free rewards. From time to time you are entitled to claim rewards by simply watching and installing ads. Actually you are not required to install the app you watched. Just skip it and claim the rewards. This will take a matter of seconds from your patience. If you are just free-to-play player this is a good opportunity for you to earn premium currency. We must take advantage everything we can get for free.

3. Accomplish your achievements. Don’t rely too much in using cheat. You are not in game to grind forever but to enjoy the content of the game. We will do cheat for grinding but we will still ensure that we are going to enjoy and accomplish the other features of the game such as achievements. In achievements you will find different task that you can do which will gives you rewards upon completion. This is a good way to stir your interest in game as you will be challenged into different things.

4. Complete all three stars in game. For you to ensure that you are going to get three-star rating at the end of the stage, you need to know what you need to do. You can highlight and see the task you need to comply such as defeating all monsters, completing the stage beyond 10%HP  and completing the level under 300 seconds. Stars are what you need to unlock the chest on every chapter. You need to complete all stages with 3 stars to unlock the premium chest.


By following this guides, we can assure that being the top in The World 3: Rise of Demon will be no longer a problem to you. And if you have a question about our list above, you can reach us through comment form below. Hope this will help you like what we got from using this cheat. Enjoy!

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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