The Master Of Plunder Guides and Tips

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The Master Of Plunder is an action RPG with a high quality graphics that everybody can enjoy. It has an auto growth system that will make your heroes durable by themselves. Be the leader of all warriors to achieve the victory and rule the strongest country. Shine your name in this game and be a master of international hero plunder. Never let your pride down! the enemies won’t allow you to become successful so be a wise plunder players to achieve the hoped trophy and tell your victory!

Our “The Master Of Plunder Guides and Tips” can surely help you to get started in the game. Try it now!


1. Choose Your Hero

Keep in mind that you must pick a hero according to your wants and also with your capability to handle them. So our guides give a quick review in each hero so that you have an idea who are they and how they play in the game.

  • Assasin – Her real is Sara. She’s born between Holt-tribe and Human. Sara is an independent woman and living alone because she’s has no family, now helping Vladimir Archduke according to the last word of Kin, who’d raised her.
  • Paladin-  His real is Kyrillos. Looking forward to the age of Ahel without evil crowd. Prepared to save human from any kind of evil. He has a special ability for patrol.
  • Mage – Her real is Reina,  Lost parents and caste by people due to her special ability. She has mysterious elements ability and grown in monastery with Kyrillos favor.

In the lobby, you can change the character anytime. Choose your character to start.

2. Join In Every Mission

Mission is so much necessary. This is the reason why you keep playing and enjoying the game. The Master Of Plunder has five division of missions, including Daily, Weekly, Repeat, Title and Patrol. This is the way how you understand the game easily and keep in mind that no matter quest you have, the important is you complete them all and collect all rewards! You can get special mission through patrol and special earn. Keep playing and put all your efforts to achieve and gather their rewards!

3. Upgrade Your Skills

You need Skills Points to upgrade your skills. Where to get a skills point? You will get these by leveling up hero or purchasing in shop. Try your best to get them all and make your hero more durable and stronger that can easily deal with many enemies and bosses. Ultimate skills can be used only in certain situation and you can clear hard level if you upgrade your skills. I believe you will get much stronger if you do all the things that I’ve said. Enhance your hero through upgrading skills.

  • Active is form to use skills while you are in war. If active skill gets strong, you can kill boss easy.
  • In passive skill tap, you can upgrade hero’s abilities. Like active skills, very helpful in battle.

4. Equip The Strongest Gear

You can get items that you can wear in every stage completion. Equip them all and it can increase the stat of your hero. Make sure you wear a higher items compare to your currently wearing. Click auto equip if you don’t want to check this from time to time and sell things that are not necessary.

That’s all for our The Master Of Plunder Guides and Tips. If you have any question or you want to share your own strategy in The Master Of Plunder then feel free to use the comment box below. Enjoy playing!

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