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Now for those who don’t want to do the Tap Titans 2 cheats we shared here the list of tricks you can do in game so you can still have edge without feeling guilty of using auto-tap. I found this game very fun to play from the rest of tapping based game I played next to Nonstop Knight. I gave the first to NK because of the challenge. You are not only endlessly tapping but you need to consider your HP too which is not present in Tap Titans. Anyway to share to you tips and tricks that I discovered in playing the game, you can check the list below:

1. How to have a fastest progress in game. (December 19, 2016 updates*). Have you ever wondered when you had joined in tournament and there are some players did a very fast progress in game. There are players who already reached 1000+ stages in game. You are already using auto-tap cheat and still you can’t have the same progress with them. We all know that tapping speed is not enough as there is a speed limit on it. Well I will share to you our tricks in playing Tap Titans 2 so you can level up and do progress faster.

Our secret is using Pets or specifically Phobos/Hammi Pet. This pet has the ability to boost your tap damage into x2, x3, x10 or higher based on his level. To acquire this pet, it is totally random either from egg (time based) or through shop which is still random to appear.

Once you get Phobos/Hammi, you can level it up by getting the same pet from egg or buy it from shop. You are lucky if you see it in shop as you can easily boost the level of your Phobos with your diamonds. We mentioned about gems, but it doesn’t mean that you are going to buy it as there are lot of ways to get free diamonds in Tap Titans 2. (to be honest I haven’t spent money in this game 🙂 for me to reach my current level/stage now). The early upgrades is so cheap and you can easily reach level 10 using free diamonds you get in game.

Pet’s boost procs with perks and some boost including tournament double damage, fire swords and etc. This is what makes you reach level 600 in less than 1-2 hours and stage 1000+ in less than 12 hours or less depends on how you play the game.

2. Collect daily rewards. It says daily but to be exact you can collect rewards with minutes interval. You must check it from time to time to know if you have the opportunity claim yours. In this rewarding system, the more days you play the game the greater the rewards you can get from time to time. In my first day of playing Tap Titans 2, I get gold for 3 times. Actually I wasted opportunities in claim them once it is up since I play this game mostly using cheat (auto-tap). And since you don’t need to use the cheat as well as not spending money on this game, the best way to earn from this game is through daily rewards.

3. Free gems. Everyone loves free and for you to secure your free gems in game, just complete the achievements. This requires time especially if you are not going to use auto-tap but again this is very rewarding so you can have a better jumpstart in game. Aside from achievements, you can also get free gems from daily rewards as what we mentioned above and through social network promotion. You will receive diamonds from liking the game on Facebook as well as promoting Tap Titans 2 in Twitter. The game is so fun to play and I believe it is not really annoying to promote it to your friends.

4. Spend your diamonds on x2 damage boost. Among all boosts in game that you can purchase with gems, this is the most worthy to spend. The boost is worth 100 diamonds and you will get boosted with x2 damage for 8 hours. This is a good jumpstart in Tap Titans letting to have have x2 damage buffs which can let you make it to level 600 in just few hours of playing Tap Titans 2.

5. Join the clan. This will gives you permanent boost in game upon unlocking clan buffs. Of course you need to join an active clan with good number of members. You can rely on clan leaderboard to know which clan is active for you to join. Just make sure that once you are already with them, you are going to show extra effort in doing quest. This is a teamwork and you are lucky to have a clan with lots of unlocked quest. Always prove the you are worthy for their slot.

6. Don’t mind the dropped gold. This is my first worry as I’m using cheat in game and the auto tap doesn’t included collecting the dropped gold (the way I set it up). As I observed it those coins will go to your credits also either tapping on it or just leave it around. I believe that you are not going to cheat the game and it will be to tedious for you to tap on it over the game. Don’t worry it will not go anywhere.

7. Focus on upgrading your level. If you are going to ask me what you should upgrade in game, the best way to invest your gold to bring the best damage from your arsenal is through your character level. You don’t have much gold as what we have so you must spend it wisely and this is by means of upgrading your character level. Skill is pretty useless as this requires mana. Mana regenerates poorly over time. Together with skills, allies is pretty useless too. Maybe in higher level they will help you but then you can reach level 600 even without upgrading them. Just focus on your character level.

That’s it for my Tap Titans 2 tricks and tips. If you found this guide not really helpful to you based on how you want to play this game, maybe you should use our cheats as this will gives you a very big boost in game without exerting too  much effort for endless tapping. Good luck!

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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