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For those who are asking for the skill and build they should from Tap Titans 2 skill tree, here is our guide for you. In the list you will see the skill name, icons, stats and description of every skill so it will help you decide what skill you should prioritize to get advantage in game. Hope this will help you get your best skill build in Tap Titans 2.

Name Icon Stats Description
Pet: Lightning Burst +20 Pet Focus Tap Dmg Your pet can now charge up and deal damage to Titans! Upon activation, tap constinously to power up your pet
Pet: Heart of Midas +5 Gold Focus Tap Amount King Midas has given your pet the power to generate gold. When your pet is glowing, tap them for extra gold.
Pet: Flash Zip +20 Boss Focus Tap Damage During a boss battle, your pet soars into the sky. Tap your pet while in the air for bonus damage.
Ultra Heroes +8 Hero Focus Tap Damage Your heroes have mastered a secret technique, unlocking their inner power. When a Hero glows, tap on them to deal extra damage.
Fairyland +0.2% Chance for multiple Fairies Make an agreement with the fairies and multiple fairies will show up by chance.
Mighty Power +1 Hero Focus Tap Count More heroes have unlocked their inner power. Increases the number of heroes during Mega Heroes.
Time Distortion +2 seconds To Boss Timer By warping time, you have gained more time to fight the boss Titans. Increase boss timer.
Summon Help +3 Clan Focus Tap Damage Sword Masters from your Clan will now assist you. When your Clan ship glows, tap on it to summon a clan member.
Gold Splitter x1.5 Inactive Gold While you rest, the heroes continue to fight and collect treasure! Increases Inactivity Gold amount.
Pet Evolution x2 Pet Damage The orb of power that you fed your pet has increased its power. Increases pet damage.
Stronger Arms x2 Melee Hero Damage Through intensive training, your melee heroes have become quicker and stronger. Increases melee heroes' damage.
Intimidating Presence -1 Titan Count Per Stage As word of your immense power spreads, the Titans being to fear you. Reduces the number of battles required to unlock a boss fight.
Hyper Magic x2 Spell Hero Damage After vigorous study of magical theory, your heroes now cast masterful spells. Increases spell heroes' damage by 2.
Extended Reach 0.02% Splash Damage Your powerful attacks leave flaming debris behind and inflict damage on to the next titan.
Pinpoint Accuracy x2 Range Hero Damage Your heroes' heightened focus have sharpened their archery skills. Increases ranged heroes' damage by 2.
Silent March Inactive Stage Advance Up to Stage 100 Selfless heroes carry you to new places while you rest. Advance through stages while offline.
Titan Family +0.02% Multiple Titan Chance Titans now fight in groups to try and take you down. Increases the chance to spawn a large titan wave.
Pet: Stealth x0.1 Inactive Pet Damage Your protective pet guards you while you sleep. Increases offline pet damage.
Magic Fusion +200 Damage to Magic Fusion Drawing energy from your surroundings, the burst attack splits the earth and sky to deal destructive damage.
Magic Well +0.1 Mana Regen Rate Deep insight and a stronger grasp of magic allows you to channel it more frequently, increasing your mana regen.
Flame Touch +10 Damage to Flame Touch Ifrit, the god of fire, summons a fiery golem to aid you in battle, conjuring flames to inflict damage.
Mana Limit Break +10 to Mana Cap The magical world resonates with you, granting access to a larger pool of mana and increasing its max capacity.
Heroic Might x5 Heroes Crit Damage A boost of morale gives heroes the power to defeat Titans quicker, allowing heroes to do critical damage.
Mana Siphon +0.1% Mana Steal Your sword is imbued with the ability to steal mana from titans, speeding up mana recovery in battle.
Midas Ultimate x200 gold The hidden power of midas transforms average objects into treasure, increasing the amount of gold received.
Shadow Clone x0.01 Tap Damage The shadow world has granted your clone a stronger body to aid you. Increases shadow clone's damage.
Lightning Strike +0.01% Chance for lightning strike Chance to perform lightning strike dealing damage = 5% of monster's current HP.
Manni Mana 20 mana replenished by Manni Mana Enlightened by an old legend, you ask the mythical diety Freemana's permission to challenge a Titan with restorative magic.

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