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For those who are asking what is the best pet in Tap Titans 2, you can refer in our list below as we included pet’s description, passive and active skills and decide for yourself what could be the strongest pet based on your playstyle. Are you going to focus with your hero, gold and leveling up, focus on building up your skills and mana, focus with your tap damage, it is all up to you.

Now that we reached prestige and level get the fastest progress using cheat our next journey to complete everything including pets, heroes, skills, artifacts etc. Here we made a list of pets as we believe that pet is one of the best investment in game. Prestige/reset doesn’t affect pet and that makes pet a long term investment for improving your arsenal. Below is the list of pet we unlocked so far. We are still working for this list and we are going to add new from time to time so everyone can check all available pets in Tap Titans 2 and decide what they should level up.


Pets Description Active Passive
Tempest Tempest is an elegant creature who moves with such grace that those around her cannot help but stare in awe. She can hear the secret whispers of everything around her. <+900% Pet Damage / x1.6 All Hero Damage+0% Pet Damage / x1 All Hero Damage
Cerberus Cerberus thirst for two tings: blood and vengeance against his creator. He was almost a snack for a hungry Titan but miraculously survived the attack. +700% Pet Damage / x1.4 Melee Hero Damage +0% Pet Damage / x1 Melee Hero Damage
Nova Nova was born from hte remnants of a falling star. Her coat shines brightly to guide those who are lost and her fierce temper flares when Titans attack. +810% Pet Damage / x1.3 All Damage +0% Pet Damage / x1 All Damage
Basky Basky has sharp eyes and an even sharper judgement. He knows which side to fight for and can easily detect the weaknesses of his enemies. +900% Pet Damage / x1.4 Melee Hero Damage +0% Pet Damage / x1 Melee Hero Damage
Phobos Phobos was once a companion to many Titans but was forgotten in battle. He was found and nursed back to health. His memory of abandonment by the titans is vivid and strong. +720% Pet Damage / x3 Tap Damage +0% Pet Damage / x1 Tap Damage
Toto Toto is a sleepy creature who uses treetops to hide from hungry Titans. He likes to avoid confrontation but can be easily bribed for help. +860% Pet Damage / x1.15 All Hero Damage +0% Pet Damage / x1 All Hero Damage
Harker Harker was the fabled companion of many heroes. Her presence can always be detected when the temperature drops and silence suddenly prevails. +520% Pet Damage / x1.2 Spell Hero Damage +0% Pet Damage / x1 Spell Hero Damage
Bubbles Bubbles is helpful to travellers but beware her eyes for it reflects the very soul of all those who dare gaze deeply. +480% Pet Damage / x1.1 All Gold +0% Pet Damage / x1 All Gold
Scraps Scraps was an assistant to the index droids in Metallic City. She is capable of storing, calculating, and analyzing massive amounts of information +520% Pet Damage / x1.2 Ranged Hero Damage +0% Pet Damage x1 Ranged Hero Damage
Polly Polly is a crafty creature accustomed to life on the high seas. He has no qualms looting and fighting in order to survive. +695% Pet Damage / x1.1 All Gold +0% Pet Damage / x1 All Gold.
Fluffers Fluffers is a sweet-natured creature from the Sacred Forest. Only the heroic and kindhearted are able to summon her and ask for assistance. +580% Pet Damage / +0.05 Mana Regen +0% Pet Damage / +0% Mana Regen

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