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Thanks to Tap Titans 2 cheats and this let us reach level 600 and unlock all heroes in just one day. Now we can share to you a list of heroes together with their passive and active skills as your reference. For those who are asking what hero is best to play with and skills worthy to level up, you can check them all below and see what is going to work based on your playstyle:

Maya Muerta the Watcher –  She is the blessed child of the Goddess of Death. Her powers grow stronger in times of great strife but, as of late, they have begun to grow uncontrollably. Due to her irrepressible power, Maya spends her time meditating in order to ensure that she does not harm those around her. Maya, through her deep connection to her mother, would act as a prophetess of the Goddess and often receive visions from her. The Goddess manifested herself through Maya’s dreams until one night, as a grave prophecy was unfolding before her, the Goddess; voice was silenced. Even though she was the Guardian of her village, Maya was forced to leave when the power in her wand became frenzied and insurgent. Unable to return to her home, Maya wandered the land aimlessly, fearing she would never again have the Goddess’ voice whisper,  “The great seer, find her.” Whoever this seer was, Maya knew that it was her only hope to regain control of her powers and once again meeting, she could finally go home…


level 20 – Power burst (x1.1 critical damage)
level 40 – Toxic Gift (+0.1% Critical Strike Chance)
level 60 – Deathly Pursuit (x1.1 Chesterson gold amount)
level 100 – Cursed Scroll +0.1% Chesterson Chance
level 200 – Unholy Book (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 500 – Harmony Explosion (x1.1 Tap Damage)
level 999 – Evolve 1 (gain a huge increase in power)
level 1000 – Possessed Spirit (+0.1% Tap Damage From Heroes)
level 1999 – Gain a huge increase in power)
level 2000 – Hollow Crux (x1.1 Boss Gold)
level 3000 – Ring of Destruction (x1.1 All Hero Damage)
level 4000 – Orb of Ashes (x1.1 All Gold)

Zato The Blind Staff Master – Zato the blind Staff Master tirelessly spends his days training an perfecting his mastery of the staff. Though he cannot see, many have witnessed him eliminate hoards of enemies in the blink of an eye. His movements are as deadly as they are precise. Zato began practicing the art of the staff when hew as a young boy and continued to perfect his craft as he grew older. They one fateful day, while trading at the local market in town, hundreds of Titans descended from the sky forcing Zato to rush to defend his village. When he returned, nothing remained. He called out into the rubble for his family but was met with only silence. Filled with anger, he grabbed his staff and lashed out at the remaining Titans. Zato furiously battled the invaders, but with every Titan he defeated, another took its place, crushing his hopes of defeating them alone. Zato refused to accept his defeat. As the largest Titan loomed over him he cried out to the heavens, battered and exhausted, for a chance to avenge his family. In a flash of blinding light, the Titan fell to the ground and his vision faded into black. “You have fought well,” said a voice. “Take this gift, there is more work to be done.” Zato awoke with only darkness to greet him. His senses began to flood with information; the feel of the wind brushing his face, the faint crackling sound of every ember in the distance and the slow, calm beat of his hear. There, in the silence, Zato vowed that he would make use of this gift, and tirelessly train to one day avenge his family.


level 20 – Daredevil’s Barrage (x1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount)
level 40 – Quick Thrash (+0.1% Chesterson Chance)
level 60 – Hypnotize (x1.1 Critical Damage)
level 100 – The Staff’s Path (+0.1% Critical Strike Chance)
level 200 – Blind Power (x1.1 Titan Gold)
level 500 – Charge of Revenge (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 999 – Evolve 1 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 1000 – Fury Dab (x1.1 All Gold)
level 1999 – Evolve 2 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 2000 – Heartstriker (x1.1 All Damage)
level 3000 – Double Swipe (x1.1 All Hero Damage)
level 4000 – Hurricane Sword (x1.1 All Gold)

Sophia, Champion of Swords – She is loyal servant of the House of Swords. Cold and calculated, she carries out the King and Queen’s bidding as quickly and efficiently as possible. The royals of the House of Swords wish for the unification of  the four Houses – Cups, Coin, Staves and Swords – to combat the Titans and their ever-increasing strength. Sophie was sent out with orders not to return home until she was able to gain the support of the other royal houses. in this time of great despair, the King and Queen of Swords know that no matter how strong and powerful their house may be, the divided people of the Arcanas could not survive for much longer. In order to prove her strength, and the sincerity of her people’s wish for unit, Sophia must retrieve the orbs of Earth, Water and Fire and offer them to the houses as a token of peace. These orbs are the Arcanas greatest treasure and are guarded by the strong magic in the darkest depths of the realm. As the prophecy states: to find the orbs, Sophia must first find the beast who breathers fire to light the way.


level 20 – Thwart (x1.1 Tap Damage)
level 40 – Battle Heart (x1.1 Tap Damage)
level 60 – Diamond Block (x1.1 Tap Damage)
level 100 – Champion Shield (x1.1 Tap Damage)
level 200 – Dynamic Hit (x1.1 Tap Damage)
level 500 – Quick Reflex (x1.1 Tap Damage)
level 999 – Evolve I (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 1000 – Sword House Strike (+0.1% Tap Damage From Heroes)
level 1999 – Evolve II (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 2000 – Royal Seal (x1.1 All Hero Damage)
level 3000 – United Arms (x1.1 All Gold)
level 4000 – Trinity’s Power (x1.1 Boss Gold)

Lance Knight of Cobalt Steel – He served as a knight of the Royal Guard in King Alexander’s army when the invasion from the north began. chosen by King Alexander to lead the defense and repel the invaders from the cold country, his goal was to protect the land of Cobalt at all costs. Lance is fearless, even in the face of death itself. he longs for the chance to once again do battle with his mortal enemy, the leader of the army that foolishly dares to invade his home. Believing that death in battle is the greatest honour a warrior can achieve, Lance pours his heart and soul into every duel. Lance longs for the sweet taste of victory and tirelessly seeks the glory found only after a long, hard-fought battle. Lance now wanders the lands alone, endlessly searching for the brave soldiers who disappeared defending the King, and the Titans that now hold his King prisoner. Lance has been forced to swallow his pride and join forces with his sworn enemy, the “Frost Demon,” to fight their common enemy and rescue their people.


level 20 – King’s Strength (x1.1 Boss Gold)
level 40 – Brute Force (1.1 Boss Gold)
level 60 – Honourable Awakening (x1.1 Boss Gold)
level 100 – The Cobalt Shield (x1.1 Boss Gold)
level 200 – Victor’s Circle (x1.1 Boss Gold)
level 500 – Honour’s Strike (x1.1 Boss Gold)
level 999 – Evolve 1 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 1000 – Stomping Power (x1.1 All Hero Damage)
level 1999 – Evolve 2 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 2000 – Hammer of Prestige (x1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount)
level 3000 – Power of Loyalty (x1.1 Melee Hero Damage)
level 4000 – Alexander’s Agony (x1.1 Boss Gold)

Pingo of the Tori – He is the quick and deadly champion of the Tori Clan. Pingo trains constantly so that his small stature will not hinder his ability to fight. After leaning all that he could, he left his home in search of new techniques to further evolve and perfect his unique fighting style. Pingo was first discovered outside of the Tori Clan’s doors when he was just a small hatchling. Taking pity on the small penguin, the Clan decided to raise Pingo as their own and train him in the Tori Clan’s traditional martial arts style. Although he was shorter and stumpier than the typical birds born to the clan, he was able to hone his skills and even surpass many of the Tori Clan’s most promising young birds. As he continued to study and train, Pingo soon surpassed his teachers’ skills. However, Pingo knew that there was still so much more for him to learn and he yearned to improve upon the arts that the Tori Clan had taught him. when his training was complete, the Elder Birds told him that he must travel and train the vastness of the outside world. So Pingo set out on the first of many adventures, and on one of these adventures, formed an unlikely friendship with a bear and another bird.


level 20 – Quick Shoot (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 40 – Eagle Throw (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 60 – Paralyze (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 100 – Star Barrage (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 200 – Blindside (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 500 – Shuriken Strike (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 999 – Evolve 1 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 1000 – Flare (x1.1 All Hero Damage)
level 1999 – Evolve 2 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 2000 – Flying Frenzy (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 3000 – Slip and Slid (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 4000 – Memory of Home (+3 Mana Pool Cap)

Rosabella Bonnie Archer – She is known as the Rose of the Sea. The self-proclaimed Queen of the Sea will take bloody contracts from the highest bidder as long as the cause is just. Rosabella’s refusal to hurt anyone innocent is considered one of her greatest strengths by the people of the small town she rules. Her disgust for hurting the innocent stems from her adopted father, a famed pirate of the seas. One night, the old pirate ended up on shore in pursuit of a Titan, but he heard a faint cry coming from a mound of sand. to his surprise, a small baby had washed up on shore. He decided to take her in and raise her as his own. Growing up on a pirate ship, she learned to fight for herself and was taught the ropes of pirate life from her dear old dad. Even though he was a pirate, he impressed on her that she should spend her life trying to “take gold and save lives,” and not the opposite. Wishing to make a name for herself, just as her father did, Rosabella left her father’s pirate crew and set off to chart her own path in the world. Before she left, her father gave her a necklace with a small sword etched into the center. She had been wearing it the night he had found her. Rosabella would take her necklace, the only link to her birth family, and use her knowledge of the high seas to track them down and discover why they were separated.


level 20 – Golden Arrow (x1.1 Titan Gold)
level 40 – Leader’s Bow (x1.1 Titan Gold)
level 60 – Accute Senses (x1.1 Titan Gold)
level 100 – Eagle Eye (x1.1 Titan Gold)
level 200 – Ready (x1.1 Titan Gold)
level 500 – Aim (1.1 Titan Gold)
level 999 – Evolve 1 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 1000 – Fire! (+0.1% Tap Damage From Heroes)
level 1999 – Evolve 2 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 2000 – Targeted Enemy (x1.1 Spell Hero Damage)
level 3000 – Divine Pursuit (x1.1 All Hero Damage)
level 4000 – Venomous Shoot (x1.1 Titan Gold)

Gulbrand The Destroyer – He traveled far from the cold country, in search fo a new land to claim for his nomadic people. Gulbrand will use his destructive blade to raze the land and drive out its inhabitants, creating anew home for his warrior tribe. He is known by many names across the lands. Some call him “frost Demon”, while others say “Ice Giant”, but in this land they simply call him, “Invader.” The warriors of this land are flashy, loud and arrogant, but it doesn’t not save them on the battlefield. Their blood would run ice cold from fear of the invader. The soothsayers had told Gulbrand of this land, that it was fertilize and would lead to an age of prosperity for their people. He planned to make this their permanent home and put an end to the long, hard travel that his people are force to constantly endure. Gulbran’d raiding parties were prepared to strike from all angles and, with superior tactics, would have the advantage. This, however, was before tragedy struck. Gulbrand watched as his people were torn from him by a colossal, grinning Titan. Gulbrand now carries on as his people always have, forced into an alliance with very people whose homeland he planned to take for his own.


level 20 – Frozen Blade (x1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount)
level 40 – Harden x1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount)
level 60 – Merciless Blunder (1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount)
level 100 – Terror Shock (x1.1 Cheesterson Gold Amount)
level 200 – Icey Plague (x1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount)
level 500 – Armor Strike (x1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount
level 999 – Evolve 1 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 1000 – Glare of Agony (+0.1% Tap Damage From Heroes)
level 1999 – Evolve 2 (Gain a huge increase in power)
level 2000 – Gruesome Sword (x1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount)
level 3000 – Dark Nightmare (x1.1 All Damage)
level 4000 – Destroyer’s Thrash (x1.1 Chesterson Gold Amount)

Captain Davey Cannon – HE is the greatest pirate to ever have sailed the high seas. The special cannon that he carries on his back has famously taken out many a fearsome Titan. It is said that Captain Davey designed it after fighting a strange Titan that was impervious to harm from his blade. Terrified by his fight with the seemingly invulnerable beast, he spend hours crafting and perfecting a weapon that would obliterate any foe. His mind often wanders back to that dreaded Titan all those years ago, and worries for the safety of his only daughter who sails the seas in search of answers. The captain is terrified by the thought of that beastly monster running into his daughter o n her journey, dragging her away into the depths of the ocean, while he is unable to protect her. Captain Davey obsesses day and night in search of the dreaded creature, to find and destroy it before it gets to his most precious treasure.


level 20 – Neutron Cannon (x1.1 Ranged Hero Damage)
level 40 – Father’s Strength (x1.1 Ranged Hero Damage)
level 60 – Tremor (x1.1 Ranged Hero Damage)
level 100 – Pirate’s Booty (x1.1 Ranged Hero Damage)
level 200 – Electron Modulator (x1.1 Ranged Hero Damage)
level 500 – cluster Bomb (x1.1 Ranged Hero Damage)
level 999 – Evolve 1 (Gain a huge increase in Power)
level 1000 – Energy Absorb (+3 Mana Pool Cap)
level 1999 – Evolve 2 (Gain a huge increase in Power)
level 2000 – Merciless Beam (x1.1 All Hero Damage)
level 3000 – Spite of Scurvy (x1.1 All Damage)
level 4000 – Captain’s Command (x1.1 Ranged Hero Damage)

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