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From the major success of Tap Titans here comes the sequel to an endless tapping game that is available in mobile device. In addition to the famous tap-based game, Tap Titans 2 offers a new experience of full RPG into tapping game. In this game you need to tap your way to beat 120 all-new Titans into 10 different worlds. On your way you can also recruit heroes and loyal pets that will help you in your journey. You are not only tapping in this game but you can also unlock unique skills to power up your arsenal. To compare it with other games you can spend cash in this game to have advantage. I know that it is not a very good news to you but don’t worry because we will share Tap Titans 2 cheats for you so you can beat them. Let’s go!

The best way to cheat this game is to download an auto clicker app (auto-tap) so you don’t need to manually tap in game. We all know that Tap Titans 2 is all about tapping so we need to do that so we can have the higher progress as possible. As for auto-tap is concern, you can download any free application that is capable of doing auto tap in game. Or as for my personal preferences you can play in Nox Emulator as it has a auto-tap feature. I really like playing in emulator because it doesn’t limit me in my battery which is my primary problem in cheating most mobile games either using auto tap or auto grinding/farming. With the help of emulator, you can just leave your game overnight for auto-pilot.

Once you already installed the app needed or you already playing in Nox, you can simply start the record and then play the game by tapping. Just do record for around 3 seconds. The faster the tap the better but if you can’t make it faster don’t worry because you can adjust the speed of it which will give a better boost in game. Can you imagine how many taps you can make for minutes. How about hours or days, using this cheat we can beat the game without having a problem or spending money.

Update* (December 16, 2016)

For Nox user, here is further instruction. Nox is an Android emulator which can let you Tap Titans 2 in PC. For me it is better to do this cheat on PC as you don’t need to worry with your battery as we are expecting that you are going to do this cheat 24/7 or simply overnight to reach level 600 easily.

1. Start recording. Open Nox in PC and from the right pane you can see the script recorder menu which you can also access by pressing CTRL+9.

2. Script recorder option. The recorder is very easy to to use and it has a powerful feature to make this cheat works with ease. There is a repeat option which you must set in “repeat till manually pause” and also the acceleration where you can set how fast the interval between taps. Of course we want it to make it faster so we should put it on 8.

Tips in recording

You must include leveling up your character in recording so from time to time it will upgrade your character’s level in auto. It will be faster for you to make progress if you are going to upgrade. Just focus on your character level and leave the other enhancement such as allies and skills as it will complicate the way you record taps if you are going to include them. Don’t worry because your primary arsenal is still base on your level and you can reach level 600 without upgrading allies or skills that only requires mana for usage. Just unlock skill and that is enough as you level it up the more mana it requires.

That’s for reaching level 600 but as you go further in game you will realize that it is not only about getting level 600. And that is the time for you to upgrade pet, allies, and hero skills which will gives you a different journey in game. I think that is the reason why this game is so fun to play unlike with other endless tapping game.

That’s for the update right now and if you have still question regarding with this cheat, you can add your comment through form below.

Don’t forget to share this to your friends who are also playing Tap Titans 2. I know you want to amaze them base on how far you got but actually it would be better if you are going to share it so together you can dominate this game. Enjoy!

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