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This is the reason why you do prestige and get a big boost for you to improve from current progress. Like pets and equipment, artifacts gives permanent boost that will not be affected by prestige’s reset. Upon doing a prestige in Tap Titans 2 you will get relics based on the level you reached. This relics can be used to get/discover new artifacts or upgrade artifacts to boost stats. Since Artifacts is a long term investment in this game, it will be better for you to know the best artifacts in Tap Titans 2 to go with. Below is the list of artifacts you can get from the game:

Artifacts Stats
Aegis Improves War Cry Duration
Amethyst Staff Gives Tap Damage Bonus
Axe of Muerte Boost Critical Chance and Artifact Damage Bonus
Blade of Damocles Boost Damage From Heroes
Book of Prophecy Boost Gold Income
Book of Shadows Boost Relics From Prestige
Bringer of Ragnarok Boost Fire Sword Skill Effect
Charm of the Ancient Boost Hero Spell Damage
Chest of Contentment Boost Chesterson Gold
Divine Chalice Boost Chance for 10x Gold
Divine Retribution Boost Artifact Damage
Drunken Hammer Boost Tap Damage
Egg of Fortune Boost Chesterson Chance
Elixir of Eden Boost Shadow Clone Skill Effect
Forbidden Scroll Boost Critical Skill Chance Effect and Damage Bonus
Fruit of Eden Boost Melee Hero Damage
Furies Bow Boost Pet Damage
Glacial Axe Boost Fire Sword Skill Duration
Glove of Kuma Reduce Critical Chance Cost
Helmet of Madness Boost Chest Equipment Chance
Heroic Shield Boost Gold from Boss
Hero's Blade Boost Helmet Bonus
Hunter's Ointment Reduce Shadow Clone Skill Cost
Infinity Pendulum Reduce Heaven Strike Skill Cost
Invader's Shield Boost Artifact Damage Bonus and Fairy Chances
Lethe Water Boost Weapon Bonus
Oak Staff Reduce Fire Sword Cost
Parchment of Foresight Boost War Cry Skill
Ring of Fealty Boost Artifact Damage
Staff of Radiance Reduce Hero Cost
Stone of the Valrunes Boost Gold From Titans
Swamp Gauntlet Boost Shadow Clone Skill Duration
The Arcana Cloak Reduce War Cry Skill Cost
The Sword of Storms Boost Ranged Hero Damage
Titan's Mask Boost Heavenly Strike Effects

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As for recommendation, it will be good if you are going to invest on Book of Shadows as this will gives you much relic which you can use for other artifact. Then for damage you can go for Invaders’ Shield for the best Artifact Damage boost. Then for the third artifact, since Pet helped me a lot from improving my tap damage to combat ability, I went to Furious Bow.

Artifacts comes in random, so it is better to just discover new until you get the desired stats and invest on it. But once you get it, you may stop discovering new and focus spending your relics on the artifacts you have.

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