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This is the reason why you do prestige and get a big boost for you to improve from current progress. Like pets and equipment, artifacts gives permanent boost that will not be affected by prestige’s reset. Upon doing a prestige in Tap Titans 2 you will get relics based on the level you reached. This relics can be used to get/discover new artifacts or upgrade artifacts to boost stats. Since Artifacts is a long term investment in this game, it will be better for you to know the best artifacts in Tap Titans 2 to go with. Below is the list of artifacts you can get from the game:

*January 3, 2017 update >>> Artifacts Auto Farming Cheats

As for recommendation, it will be good if you are going to invest on Book of Shadows as this will gives you much relic which you can use for other artifact. Then for damage you can go for Invaders’ Shield for the best Artifact Damage boost. Then for the third artifact, since Pet helped me a lot from improving my tap damage to combat ability, I went to Furious Bow.

Artifacts comes in random, so it is better to just discover new until you get the desired stats and invest on it. But once you get it, you may stop discovering new and focus spending your relics on the artifacts you have.

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  • I haven’t seen a guide yet that listed the max levels for each artifact that would be super useful for some as well. (and their cost)

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  • This is not a guide. This is a LIST. And very incomplete; half my artifacts are not on it.
    A guide gives more detail on each, which one is the best according to your level and player style.

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