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When you reached higher than stage 1000 you will realize that you really need to farm artifacts so it will improve your overall damage output. Artifact is very important in game as this gives permanent stats and boost to your account that you need to keep on progress in game. To complete all artifacts in Tap Titans 2, we are going to share to you an automated way of farming for relics. The concept is from the first cheat we shared to you. The only thing now is we will include something as the first trick is all about leveling up and passively making progress. Our goal is to farm artifacts. This cheat is capable of acquiring as many artifacts as possible while we are sleeping or not around in game.

On our first cheat we just recorded a few second taps and play it in infinite loop with x8 speed. Now we are going to record a complete artifact farming which includes prestige. For us to do it we need additional tool now which is AutoClicker. We will record a 40-60 minutes auto tapping and instead of doing it manually we will use another automated application to do it for us. In this cheat, I prefer using Nox emulator and never tried of doing it for mobile device because I need more time without interruption. But if you can download any app that can record and another app that is capable of auto-tap, you can still do it in mobile platform.

In recording your first pattern you must limit yourself on the stage on going further. I believe stage 200 is decent to get enough relics to unlock and upgrade artifacts. But actually there is no magic number here  as you can go as higher level as you can as long as you can finish it without having a problem or by just relying from auto tap. Start your record before doing a prestige. In your record you are going to include leveling up the sword master and exempting tapping on the angel as advertisement video could ruin the grinding. While in record reach as higher level as you can without losing from the boss fight. You can include using skill but that will make your record complicated so I skip that part and just go for leveling up and tapping. Once you reach the level you can no longer beat, that is the time you are going stop the record as this will complete the cycle.

You are all set now and once you play the recorded script, the first thing it will do is to prestige then it will grind until it reach the level you complete the record. Make sure to set it infinite loop so it will not stop until you want to. In this cheat you can make 100+ relics per hour or higher depends on the level you reach.

That’s for our auto farming cheat for artifacts and we hope this will help you too as we found it useful in playing Tap Titans 2. We are experimenting different ways of using this concept to get advantage such as auto ads for free diamonds and auto clan quest for automated way of completing clan quest as we found it useful too in game. Don’t forget to bookmark our website for more future updates. We are also discovering how we can import recorded script/tap from Nox so you are not going to record anymore but to use immediately what we’ve record since other stuff looks complicated to implement.

Above all just enjoy the game!

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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  • hi, I am not very clear on how do you use the apps AutoClicker combined with the nox emulator. I am using Nox emulator currently for auto-tapping only and how do i add on the AutoClicker for farming relics?

    • He uses the auto clicker to simulate his clicking of the mouse. This gives him super fast clicking while he is recording his script. It also keeps your finger from getting tired since it taps for you.

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