Tap Titans 2 : 7 Ways To Get Free Diamonds

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Getting diamonds in game is not really easy as this requires money and patience of being active in game. Diamond is very important currency that can turn this game into pay-to-win entertainment. Diamond can gives you lot of golds in game including advantage in pets, equipment, perks and lot more. This is why some players as asking why they can’t still beat the competition even they use cheat for auto tapping. It is because some players are aside from using cheat they are also using money which gives them a clearly advantage. Now the second question is, if there is still a chance to beat them even as non-spender player? Of course yes and that is what I’m going to share to you and how can you get free diamonds in Tap Titans 2.

1. Completing the achievement. As for your reference of completing all achievements in Tap Titans 2, you can check this guide. We believe that if you know what you are aiming for, you will hit your target. Achievement is a good source of free diamonds as this come endless. You can acquire gems as long as you continue in making progress such as killing xx number of titans or using xx number of perks and lot more. This is also a good motivator to keep playing the game. Don’t get stuck on just using auto-tap everyday. The game has lots of features to offer such as tournament, heroes, pets, and like what we said achievements. This will challenge you from doing task based on your progress in return of freebies.

2. Watching advertisement videos. To be honest this is the only game where I wish for advertisement to appear. Video Ads is very rewarding that gives tremendous amount of gold, free mana refill, boost including fire sword, critical, and ultimately free diamonds. For every video you watch, you are entitle to get 5 gems. This is enough for you to buy the best pet in Tap Titans 2. In this reward system, you are only required to watch and not to install whatever apps they promote. You can simply skip or tap on the X mark after you watch the advertisement.

3. Tournament. Whatever your rank as a result of joining the tournament you are entitled to get free gems. The interesting part here is you can get lot of diamonds by winning a good ranking. Aside from diamonds, you will get free perks, equipment, and x2 damage while you are inside tourney.

4. Account linking. You have two options here such as linking your account on your Facebook or with your email. Either of the two you are entitled to get free 50 diamonds. This is one-time per account. Aside from free premium currency, this will also secure your account from deletion. It will preserve your account if you decided to play using multiple gadget.

5. Like Tap Titans Facebook account. Pretty straightforward, go to premium shop in game and there you will see a button where you will get free gems. This will direct you on Tap Titans official account. Make sure that you are currently logged-in with your FB account to like their page.

6. Follow their Twitter account. The same in liking their FB page, just go to premium shop and tap on the button that tells you to get free diamonds. Here you don’t need to own a Twitter account as guest account will also work in following them. Just tap on follow and that’s it you are entitled to get your free gems.

7. Daily rewards. Just login daily and claim your free diamonds. Their reward system is different from most mobile games where you are able to miss the streak once you leave a gap from everyday playing. Here the streak is still going on even you failed to play for a day. But of course it will be better if you are going to play daily so you can take advantage this reward system and earn as many free diamonds as possible.

That’s our list on getting free gems in Tap Titans 2. If we missed something above, please let us know using the comment section below. Also don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can return here for more updates. On our next post we will guide you on where is the best to spend your diamonds in game. So stay tuned!

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