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Tales of Gaia is about the adventure between the invasion of darkness that leads to war. A battle of humans, elves, and dwarves in an attempt to take over the Gaia. This war includes forces of dragons and dark magic as powerful weapons. These weapon are what players going to use as they making progress in game.

This is a hack, slash  and blast your way through a massive magical world of real-time battle. As an open-world MMORPG, you will experience destroying epic bosses, guild wars, hundreds of hour grinding. To compare with other RPG in mobile, Tales of Gaia game engine provides brilliant 3D graphics and a PC-level special effects. Here you can roam across a large scale map where you can meet other players globally.

You can also prove yourself in a real-time co-op and PVP battle. And the top of it is joining a guilde and rise in the ranks of Guild Wars. The game offers competitive system which is the primary reason why most players take the game seriously. They don’t hesitate to spend cash in game just to be the top of the leaderboard. It is usual to see that those in higher tier are those players who spent tremendous amount in game.

But today we are going to change the fate of most game as we are going to share to you Tales of Gaia cheats to dominate the game regardless of spending cash. So let’s go!

1. Grinding cheats. If you know a lot on MMORPG, you believe that for you to be able to become stronger you need to spend more time in grinding. Ironically, most players want to do PVP rather than grinding and farming. Fortunately there is a trick so we can maximize grinding by making it double or even triple the experience point and gold you can get from it. The concept of it by creating a party with your 3 gaming accounts (1 main and 2 dummy). As we can see the party system will gives you experience points from what you kill as well as the other members of the party. So if you are going to play with your party, you can guarantee yourself with x2 or x3 points.

I know that you can join party or invite someone so you don’t need to use dummy account. But the problem here is when your teammate is not planning to play the game as yours. Also in game like this disconnection is your worst enemy. It is common to see that your teammate will get disconnected while in the middle of night or while you are AFK. DC is inevitable. And the only way to ensure that there will be disconnection issue is when you party with your dummy account unless all accounts together with your main get DC’d.

Now the question is how can you make this possible. Aside from having 3 gadgets to play for 3 accounts, you can also use Nox Emulator and use their multi-drive feature. This will let you play 3 or even more instances at a time depending on your computer. Also it is good to know that playing on PC will spare you from battery problem.

2. Participate in event. Playing on new server will gives you opportunity to participate in limit-time event. So don’t let this compensation pass by. Also if you don’t see any promo, meaning you are not playing on new server. If that is the case, it would be better if you are going to wait for a new server to come. This is a mobile game and there will be several servers to release in a week or days later.

3. Complete your quest and achievements. This will be a challenge so you will make faster progress as possible. By means of completing quest and achievements, you are entitled to claim rewards including premium currency. This is your chance to as a free-to-play to have premium currency for higher tier equipment. Here you will ask to complete daily check it, deity’s sacrifice, retrieve resources, might target and even leveling challenge. I know that this wouldn’t be a problem especially if you are going to do the grinding cheat. I consider this a challenge because you will put in your mind that whatever you do, you need to have progress so you can get rewards.

That’s it for my tricks in playing Tales of Gaia. So for those who are wondering why we already reached such higher level in few hours playing, you can consider this cheat. Enjoy!

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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