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From the title itself expect that in this game you need to have tactics and strategy to win battle. The game is about building your team of heroes and fight your way through vicious monsters from dungeons. To compare it with other turn based game in mobile, it has a different feature wherein you are going to choose from Blitz, Counterattack, and Trick which based to your team strategy. The is non linear as it observes great competition from other players to prove who’s the better tactician in game. For the ultimate competition, you can gather your friends and together you can form your guild.

As we found this game interesting especially in terms of competing with other players, we decided to share to you the Tactics Squad cheats and guide we did to dominate the game.

1. Guaranteed legendary hero. From joining in-game events you are able to get free diamonds in game. Use that diamonds to get a guaranteed legendary hero. So instead of buying a single special hero chest, go for x10 package which will gives you a guarantee of higher tier hero. In most games that have this kind of system, that is what we did to claim legendary characters as well as equip. Ironically it is easy for players to get tempted and spend their diamonds for a single draw as they hope that they are get legendary hero easily. You need to be patience here in saving all diamonds until you reach 750 diamonds. In addition to a guaranteed legendary hero, you are also able to get +1 bonus draw.

2. Getting free diamonds. Just like you, we don’t have in mind to spend money in game but it doesn’t mean that we can’t do the trick we shared above since there are lots of ways to get free gems in Tactics Squad: Dungeon Heroes. One of the most easy ways are through check-in. In this reward system, you will get rewards based from how many days you are playing. From the screenshot you will notice that the more days you spend in playing this game, the better the rewards you will get. As a non-spender player we need to take advantage everything in game that gives free gifts.

3. Redeem rewards through promo codes. Basically before the game released, official website give players a chance to pre-register in return of coupon which they can use to claim gifts. This is for them to get the idea of how many players are interested in their game once it released. There are times that you can get coupon even the game is already released. Don’t forget to check events to see what you can participate for return of coupon. To redeem your reward, go to option and there you will see a coupon button where you can write down the promo codes.

4. Auto farming and grinding cheats. This will help you a lot in game so you can have a passive progress even you are not around in game. Can you imagine how many experience points and loots you can make from overnight grinding? We are all agreed how important grinding and farming are to become stronger. But ironically we are not doing it because we don’t have much patience as what we want from game is the easy part only. Devs anticipated that, as you can see most mobile games today have auto-battle and x2 speed feature so grinding will be easy. And with the help of the cheat we discover, everything will become easier.

As easy as we are just going to leave the cheat play the game for hours of grinding and get what we need to make progress. Auto-battle alone can’t do this because you still need to interact in game every time you completed a round. So what we are going to do here is to record everything we do in farming and then play it so we can have a fully auto grinding cheats.

To make it possible, we need first to download a recorder. We can get this app for free such as Repetitouch or Nox Emulator. This is my card for this cheat but you can use different app from Google Play which is capable of recording. For me these two apps works without having a problem in my end especially when it comes to reliability.

If you already have the app, you can start recording on the stage selection wherein you are going to confirm the stage you want to grind. Run the record and complete the stage using auto-battle and x2 speed. Make sure you already turned it on before recording since we don’t need to include it in recording. In case that you tap on these while you are recording, every time you play it will turn on and off the special feature. So before recording, you must turn it on already so everything will be set up. Once you completed a run, just tap on retry so it will direct you on where you started the recording. From there you are going to stop and save the record which you are going to play so you can a fully auto grinding and farming cheats.

5. Claim your daily rewards. This is one time event once you arrive in game. In this compensation you are able to get gifts upon logging in in 7 days. The same with attendance, you will get higher rewards as spend longer days in game. Here you are able to get 10,000 gold, 30 pieces of enchant materials, fatestones, 100 gems, 30 pieces of sweep tickets, runestone ticket, and 4-star hero ticket once you perfect the 7-day log in.

6. Complete your mission. You will never get tired of playing this game as you found several things to do such as completing your mission. This comes into three category including daily mission, repeatable mission and main mission. For daily missions this is kind of mission that you can complete within a day. The task that you are going to do here includes enchantment, leveling up and other easy task. For main mission the task is related in the storyline of the game. And for repeatable it has task that you can grind in game.

7. Take advantage the Daily Roulette. Everyday you are given a chance to draw from daily roulette. And like what I’ve said as non-spender in game, we need to take advantage everything that gives up rewards. In this rewarding system, you will get items based on your luck and it refresh everyday. You can draw 3 times within a day and you are able to get rewards including premium currency (gems).

This is the end for my Tactics Squad: Dungeon Heroes cheats and guides. If you need further assistance on the tricks I shared above, you can contact me using the comment section below. Don’t forget to share this to your friends who are also playing this game in mobile platform. If you want to add something I missed to my list, you can also write it down using the form below.

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