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Swords of Immortals is a new 3D MMORPG game in your mobile. It has a martial art theme, rich strange story environment, different dungeons and an exciting 1v1 combat. This game have dungeons and quests that basically designed for marriage system so you don’t have to travel alone. Use your sword to fly inside the game, search for rare loot and adorable equipment. Be fashionable in this game by getting unique attire and be the most powerful immortals. Start your exciting journey now!

1. Recognize Your Character

You can see your character on character panel. You can also view the equipped attire and ring here. Tap attire if you want to upgrade and increase the current stat of you character. Tap title to see the title panel and tap Marriage if you want to see and learn how to find a special someone to marry. This is also the place where you can see your current status and some stats.

Mount, Relic, Wings and Glaive panel is also here. Don’t hesitate to upgrade to make them stronger. It can improve your stats and get great new appearances. Wear them with talisman to acquire greater stat bonuses.

2. Finish Your Mission

You should accept and finish all the missions. It can help you to explore and understand the game. This is also the reason why you keep playing and never get bored in the game. Accept them to challenge yourself and feel the most breathtaking part of Swords of Immortals. Mission is your main source of EXP and rewards. Complete them all and show what you’ve got!

3. Know Your Aide

Aide is your partner in the game. She’s so cute and loyal adorable. Equip Aide with talisman. If you want to upgrade her, simply use Aide Upgrade Pill, it can increase her stats and unlock new appearances. As you progress in the game, Your Aide will start her own ride. She will have Mount, Gear, Plume. Treat her very well.

4. Sign-in Everyday

Play everyday and you’ll realize you’re already addicted to this game. Unlike missions, signing-in is the easiest way to earn more rewards.No more quest to be complete, all you have to do is to sign in and get your rewards. Keep this in your mind because all rewards you acquired from this, can surely help you throughout the game.

5.  Don’t Forget Your Achievements

The Achievement in Swords of Immortals divided into three categories, such as, Personal Growth, Quest and Events. Meet the requirements to special titles.

  • Personal Growth: Unlock as many achievements as much as you can for Achiv. Pts to upgrade your Achiv. level. High Achiv. level earn better stat bonuses.
  • Quests: It is related to Daily Quest, Guild Quest, Escort, Story Dungeon, and EXP Dungeon. If you want to acquireAchiv. Pts and B.Ingots simply unlock them all.
  • Events: It is  related to C.S. Boss, 1v1 Combat, Faction Battlefield, and Guild Campaign.

That’s all for our Swords of Immortals Guides and Tips. If you have any question or you want to share your own strategy then feel free to comment below. Enjoy playing!

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