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The combo system reminds me of playing Vagrant Story, one of the best games I played on Playstation One console. This game is for those who are tired of same gaming experience of playing on mobile console. For sure you will never get tired on this game especially this is about a challenge to your alertness in this game. You need to be snappy on both offense and defense. The game also has cutting-edge graphics to ensure that this can compare most games you can play on mobile today. Since I enjoy playing this game, I want to share to you some my tricks on playing Star Fall as well as cheat if you think that the guides are not enough for you.

1. Do not rely on guard indicator. The fact is, this will not help you throughout the game. On first few rounds, you can turn it on for free but as you play on higher level, you need to pay for this indicator. Actually the real challenge in this game is the test to your alertness level. All you have to do is to practice yourself with and everything will come automatically from your head. Also it will be more difficult to look at that white indicator if you are aiming for S rating. The trick here is to look at your opponent and see how they will execute an attack. From their hands you can have a clue on where it will land, either left, middle, or right. You can also consider his previous attack in case that the attack is tricky or if you are in distance.

2. Practice with your critical attack. There is no such shortcut in this game but to practice. You need to practice and memorize everything. Guarding is difficult attacking is more predictable as your are the one who are making attacks. Just know the pattern between your attacks on different directions such as left, mid or right. Unlike in guarding, attacking is faster but goes on the same variation so it will be easier to memorize.

3. Look on every move ratings. This will give you hint on how you did the action. There are S, A and B for rating. Unfortunately there is no suggestion such as fast or slow so you don’t have idea with your mistake. The trick here is to try on different timing in case that you are not getting a higher rating. You can do earlier and see the rating and so on with delaying.

4. Star Fall combo cheats. Now if you don’t get it or difficult for you to play with the timing, you can cheat it using macro. The macro system will let you record every tap and play it for your advantage. So all you have to do is to practice or record even a single perfect combo and then play it so it will always land as critical. You can record several sets in case that you are fighting a tough opponents and they are capable of guarding same attacks easily. You can use earlier level or even the practice mode to record such attack and use that recorded combo on difficult stages. Of course this will spoil the game as you are here for challenge, but for the sake of fun or the fact that you can’t get through on specific level, you can do this cheat and complete the stage easily.

Note you still need to upgrade to make your attack effective. Keep in mind that you can only record such attacking mode and not the defense mode.

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