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A poorman’s version of Nexon’s Heroes of Incredible Tales when it comes to graphics but I can’t rate it poorly because it has a good sets of skills that you can use battle. Dynamic battle actions with skills that you can collect them as you make progress in game. It has also a magnificent effects that will change with skill combination to make it even more livelier. So it is seems that every player has their own unique way of building up their character using different skills throughout the game.

Also I like the sense of strategy matters. It is not about how you grind the game through leveling it but your strategy on how you are going to execute your action will take you to victory. From that I can give this game an A+ compare with other Action Role Playing Game titles.

Strategy is all up to players what we can do here it give them edge is how they can grind easily using cheat so they can access more content of the game. With more skills unlocked in game, it will be easier for you to make your own combo that will do the best base on your playstyle. So let’s go!

1. Grinding and farming cheat. This will help you play the game in auto for grinding and farming. I know that there is already a purge button that you can use in game to complete the level easier but you still need to spend currency for it. What I’m going to share to you will free you from purge while getting all the advantage of farming/grinding. To start this trick, you need first to download a macro to your gadget or if you have a chance to play this game on PC you can download Nox Android Emulator as it has a built-in function of macro.

With macro ready, find a good dungeon to grind. A dungeon that is not difficult for you since the game will be completed without your supervision but not too easy that you will get low experience points and loots.

Suppose that you have the best dungeon to farm with, complete the level with macro recording as your pattern. Make sure to record it with your A game since it will be your auto pilot for more dungeon run. Include to the recording the way you accept the rewards you earn from completing the stage as well as tapping the retry button so it will direct you to the page you started the record. This will be the end for your record also to complete the cycle.

Play the record to repetition and see that you have a auto-pilot for that dungeon. You can create a macro for every dungeon or a new dungeon in case that the current dungeon is not worthy to complete anymore.

2. Claim your rewards daily. Like most mobile games there is also a daily login rewards in Spell Chaser. Good thing is the absence of VIP advantage even a simple rewarding system like this. Here all you have to do is to login daily and claim rewards. The longer the streak you play the game the better rewards you can get. So don’t make any lapse even you are not feel playing the game, just spend even a couple of minutes in game to claim your rewards.

3. Participate in event. This is your chance to to get premium currency even without spending cash in game. Here you can get 4 star normal skill card, 3 star flaming blade as well as 3 star rune  and so on by simply doing some task that will also guide you on how you should play the game. As part of tutorial for their inner content, it will guide you to make a good progress.

4. Check your mail to claim rewards. All rewards that you earned from participating events as well as in attendance will go to your email. You should check it from time to time since it will be deleted after 3 days. Actually there is no reason why you shouldn’t collect it as you earned from event it will add up to your progress.

5. Invite friends. Just like claiming rewards from mail, there is also no reason why not to add friends. By adding friends you can enjoy the social feature of the game including sharing of heart currency that you also use in shop. This is our chance if we don’t have access on getting premium currency. Just make sure to find a friend that is willing to share heart to you so it will not be a waste to your slot. Also you can take the first step of sending heart and hopefully they will do the same as yours.

6. Complete your daily and weekly mission and achievement. Don’t just play randomly in terms of completing dungeon. It will be better if you are going to do things base on your mission so you will get a completion rewards from it. As a free-to-play players we need to find a ways to get premium currency and luckily this is our chance in competing with cash users. Mission is not that difficult to complete especially the daily mission that meant to complete in less than 24 hours. Daily missions refresh daily so make sure to complete it everyday to maximize the number of rewards from it.

7. Acquiring Legendary skill (6 stars) easily. There is a trick for you to get a legendary skill on early level. This is by means spending 300 diamonds for 3-6 star skill ticket package. I mentioned about diamonds but it doesn’t mean that you need to spend cash in game. Like what I’ve said above there are several ways to get free diamonds. The common mistake of most players are spending it right away. The trick here is to save it until you have enough for 300 draw. You need patience to do it. While you are waiting, you can still make a free draw. It has lower chance of getting legendary but it has also offers decent skill for early levels.

That’s all and by following that cheats and guides, there is no doubt that you can reach the leaderboard even without spending cash. This is to change the the common believe of players on spending cash to be on the top. There is always a way to reach the top what is the difficult thing to do is to maintain your position once you are already there.

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