Skylanders Battlecast Strategy Guides and Tricks

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I tried this game Android because the main character, the dragon reminds me of Spyro the Dragon plus knowing that the game was published by Activision, I know I can let this game to pass. The story of this game starts with the powerful Kaos who had opened a rift into a mysterious world known as the second dimension. In this world, he has dispatched the powerful villains from Skylands in an attempt to destroy the Skylanders. And that is how your journey begins in stopping Kaos on his dark plan.

I like the content of the game from having 300 different cards to collect which comes into Character, Gear, Spell and cards. From that different cards, we need to form our strategy from buildings decks based from three Skylanders you can take in battle. Basically in this kind of game, you need only to think about character and spell you can cast, but this time in Skylanders Battlecast you can equip your Skylanders with different gear cards.

Ultimately, the best thing in this game is the online multiplayer system wherein you are going to compete with other players. If you think that you are playing the game well, you can challenge Battlecasters around the globe through online PvP. That makes this game competitive and reason to keep on playing to be the best. And for those who are looking for Skylanders Battlecast strategy guides, you can check our tips below:

1. Swap monsters based on cards in hand. You can swap once in your turn while cards in your hands come in random. In this game you can use spell card based on Skylanders you have in battle. With this mechanic you should swap monsters based on spell cards in your hand so you can use it. The good thing in this game is that you swap with no big deal, all you have to do is to wait for your turn to do it. Also the good thing in swapping is that you can save your primary Skylander from attacks. This come like a tag in fight. If you think that your current Skylander can’t handle the damage anymore, you can swap to other Skylander which is going to receive the damage from your opponent.

2. Complete your daily quest. Aside from in-game rewards that you will receive from winning matches, you can also get good rewards from simply completing your daily quest. This is a good source of rewards especially if you are not planning to spend money this game. Quest is a good way to know if you are playing the game effectively or not. In case that you can complete your quest easily, meaning to say you are in the good track for it.

3. Always do normal attack. You can attack monsters using spells and sometimes you can miss a round because you lack of crystal. It’s OK you can do normal attack which will cost nothing from you. So don’t forget in every turn you can attack once especially on early phase as you don’t have much crystals to use. This  is why is in early game it is better to use Skylander with good normal attack damage until you have enough crystals to use in attack.

4. Log in daily for free spin. This features will requires you to log in daily so you can have a chance for free spin. Here you can get good rewards especially upon reaching day 5 for super spin. You don’t need actually to play the game for hours to be entitled for free spin. Just log in everyday and the spin system will pop-up in your screen.

5. Use spell card as possible. Always keep in mind that energy refreshes every turn. You don’t need to save it so you can use it in next turn. That is not how this game should be played. Also there is no use to save your energy as this will not be added on your next turn in case that you need a bigger number of energy. You have a fixed number of energy to regenerate every turn and each turn it adds up in random. So with this set up, it is really best for you to play a card on every turn as well as with your normal attack. From here, you will realize that easy cards or those who require lower number of crystals also a big help in your strategy which you can use in early game.

6. Analyze your opponent. You can check your your opponents’ stats by looking on their icon located at the top right side of your screen. This will tell you how much life they have, their normal attack damage and status. It is a good habit to check that so you can analyze them and their potential in battle. This is also a good way to do focus fire wherein you are going to attack a single enemy regardless if this is a frontliner which are doing the normal attack or not because there are spell card that can let you attack enemies in rear.

7. Take advantage of the Free pack in game. From time to time you can draw a free pack in game. This is a good source of great cards in game especially if you are not planning to spend money in this game. I like how developers included this feature so those free-to-play players can still have better cards in game and let them compete with those premium users.

8. Avail discounted items. And in case that you want to support the game and spend money to Skylanders Battlecast, make sure to available those come in package. That comes as promo for this game and the larger the number you are going to purchase, the better discount you can avail.

Above all, you need to formulate your own strategy based on cards that you have in your hand. Each player has their own different set and there is no universal rule here. So I hope with our guides above, you can dominate this game and ultimately enjoy it playing.

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