Skullgirls Strategy Guides and Tips


This is a 2D fightiing RPG that has unique, colorful characters that you can upgrade, customize and collect for your journey of searching the Skull Girl. Though it is in 2D graphics, Skullgirls has stunning animation from thousands of frames of carefully hand-drawn animation that is visually polished to play on mobile platform. The game is specifically for mobile platform wherein custom controls designed specifically for mobile to allow you effortlessly execute actions and build up combos from simple tapping or swiping.

This is not a simple arcade game since you can discover strategy from unique combos, juggles and taking advantage from the character you are using. You can collect dozens of characters that you can customize base on the way you play the game. As you make progress you can level up and evolve your fighters to maximize their full potential in game. You can also unlock special moves and blockbusters that can be upgrade or equip on every match.

Skullgirls also offers different modes such as story mode, prize fights, daily events, training and a lot more.

And for you to enjoy this game a lot, we are going to share you a strategy guide of how you should play Skullgirls. Lets go!

1. Understand the control. This is the usual misconception on playing arcade game. They don’t actually understand the control rather to just press the button randomly or in case of mobile games do the tap and sliding randomly. Of course this will work on the first phase of the game where you are not dealing with high competitive gamers. But as you continue making progress and you will get matched with clever players, you will understand that this will not work anymore. The best thing you can do is to understand the control and do a action based on combo, counter and good decision making on what the action you should response on every action that your opponent does. The game is pretty easy to understand, there is a tutorial for it. You can also try to experiment with every character, combination of attacks and etc. Master it and try on different circumstances that your opponent will do against you.

2. Complete your daily mission. Everyday you are given a task to do such s winning a 5 fights with Valentine, or winning 1 fight vs a team with 2x your team’s score or winning a fight in story mode. All you have to do is to check the mission tab to see the set of task you can do. This will challenge you a lot in game plus there are rewards you can acquire for every task completion.

3. Participate in events. Events and in-game content is still in minimal in this game that is why we suggest to participate not only in missions but also in daily events. This will gives you a better impression in game, challenge you and let you enjoy the different side of the game. Though most of the event deals with fighting, this will gives you a different perspective in game to enjoy. Above you will get rewards from participating in events.

That’s all. The game is still on developing a new content. Despite of content issue, the game is pretty fun to play as it is interactive and challenging that deals with real-time matchmaking.

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