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This game never fail us in giving us a real time action game on our mobile device. Here you are going to create your own fighting style. You can collect new moves, perks, weapons, gear and use it based on your fighting style.

Unlike with the first two release, Shadow Fight 3 brings the fighting game into a new leverage. Colorful graphics, smooth animations and even realistic physics in addition to the game effects. The best in terms of graphics is changing the gear of your character visually as you change your equipment.

You can find massive numbers of weapons and armor you can pick it. It is up to you if you are going to build a spearman, swordsman, axeman, and so on. Every weapon has their own potential with abilities, range advantage, execution, combo, damage and etc.

We enjoyed this game a lot. We learned different things how can we make our edge over other players. That is what we are going to share to you in case you find this game difficult to play or you want to take it seriously. So let’s go!

1. Understand the control. It takes a lot practice especially in this game every weapon has their unique moves or execution. You shouldn’t play this game by tapping on your screen randomly and hit your opponent by luck. You must know what you are doing in every tap you make. Try to master the combo as well as perks of your weapon.

2. Spear is the best weapon. It has range, a decent range that can be use for full offense. Compare to other weapon, spear is slow but the damage is outstanding. Once you do the first attack, speed doesn’t really matter as your combo will become continuous. Just make sure your first attack will hit your opponent. Once missed, go for distance and try again. I really like the back + punch combo as it will gives you a little form of defense by stepping backward and after that it will execute a powerful long distance attack that will hit the head of your opponent. I always use that attack as intro follow by forward + punch punch combo. Maybe you can say that spear is not the best for you but I can say that this is easy to use which is good for beginner as well as very rewarding when it comes to damage.

3. Spend more time in duel. This will let you grind for both currency and items that you can use to empower your current equipment. Duel is also good for practicing attack as most of your opponent here are underrated from you until you reach higher tier. Also if you find that story mode is difficult, the game is telling you to do duel to boost your arsenal. I only hope that this duel will become real time later on so it is not boring as it is now as well as encouraging you to play on it for dozen of times because you know that you are fighting a real player not an AI controlled.

4. Learn to guard. If you believe that offense is the best defense, believe me that is going to work on early stages but as you play on higher tier, you need to master guarding too. Keep in mind that you can guard maximum of 3 attacks. By guarding it will gives you an opportunity to attack. Guarding is very good against the opponent that attack slowly like those who are using spear and other heavy weapon. They can’t execute more attacks in higher rate so it will be easier for you to do the timing with guarding. Especially if you see that your opponent use their shadow skill, it will be better to guard and wait for its end before using yours.

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