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One of the most unique games in mobile. The graphics, content, and gameplay are superb. It’s been a while since I play such game from Android and iOS. Everyday we have dozen of new games to play  but most of them are replicate from popular games. And if you are tired on the same game over and over again, you should play Sandigma. It’s unique when it comes on mobile games, though the planet concept reminds me of little prince. I love also to see that this game has no stamina or energy system that limit hardcore players to dominate this game by playing the game endlessly. And because there is no energy, we can use our cheats here so we can have 24/7 farming and grinding and that is what I want to share this time together with guides based on how we dominated Sandigma. So let’s go!

1. Sandigma Class guides. In this game you will start by choosing from three different class such as Warrior, Mage and Assassin. And when it comes on picking a class, the usual question that most players asked are, what is the best class for PvP, what is the best class for PvE (farming), what is the strongest class. Well actually to answer that you need a preview on each class you can use in game so you would know what is good based on how you want to play the game.


The only ranged class in game which is come the best when it comes on massive damage. With this advantage on offensive measure, mage is the weakest among the class when it comes on defense. The only way for you to have a better defense mechanism is through kiting. So if you like attacking your opponent on range without giving them a chance to fight back or taking a damage from them, you will find mage as the best class for you.  Prodigies devote themselves to studying each and every possiblity of magic spells. Some of them can even manipulate time. When flame burns in a prodigy’s palm, you might want to also prepare for a snowstorm from above.


Fireball – Launch a great fireball to the target, dealing 550% magical damage
Frosty Sting – Interrupt the enemies within 32 yd with your linear icicles, dealing 300% magical damage and reducing their move speed by 95% for 2 seconds.
Snowstorm – Summon a moving snowstorm, 24yd diameter, 6yd/s speed, towards the target for 10s, each hit dealing 70% magical damage and reducing their move speed by 60%.
Brilliant Mind – Your magical damage is passively increased by 10%.
Ring of Ice – Freeze all enemies within 15yd of the target for 4.5s, dealing 80% magical damage to them.
Teleport – Enter teleporting stance. Your next 3 moves will be instant arrival.
Fire Treader – Burn the ground you walk on for 6s, dealing 15% magical damage every 0.5s to the enemies stepping on it. This effect lasts for 10s.
Meteor – Summon a meteor from the sky to deal 600% magical damage and stun the targets for 1.5s.
Dream Weaver – Enter your dream and the next skill you cast costs no Energy and triggers no cooldown.


This class known for his effectiveness on survival. Got the highest amount of HP as well as defensive stats. Most skills can be boosted based on the amount of his Max HP and play as tank in game. This class is perfect for those who believe that defense is the key for winning matches. While being melee fighter, he can also unleash damage in massive area through cleave attack and AoE skills.  Star Defenders protect the stellar civilizations with their blood and shield. They are synonymous with tenacity and trust. Skilled in taking down foes step by step, these formidable fighters are often considered great leaders.


Bash – Smash the target with your shield, dealing 250% + 10% Armor to physical damage. Generates 15 Energy.
Death from above – Leap upon the target to deal 500% physical damage to all enemies around.
Shield Charge – Charge towards a target, dealing 180% physical damage to all enemies in the way and interrupt their action. Generates 25 Energy.
Guard Stance – Enter guard stance for 6 seconds. Reduce all damage taken by 90% and counter attack each hit taken with (30%+1% Max HP) physical damage.
Vengeance – Restore health when you spend energy. (100 Energy equals 25% Max HP)
Fist of Rage – Call down a gigantic first from the sky to deal 600% physical damage to the target.
Crescent Slash – Cleave all enemies in front of you, dealing 200% physical damage. Generates 15 Energy.
Gallant Ward – Cast an energy shield to absorb incoming damage of 7% Max Hp. When it’s destroyed, explode to paralyze all enemies within 12yd for 4 seconds.
Whirlwind – Unleash whirlwinds around you, dealing 384% physical damage in 4 seconds.


Being the fast in executing skills and combo. This melee fighter can kill his target right away without giving a chance to fight back using his massive combo. He got superb combo and melee damage that comes effective in hitting single target. The exiles from Darkwallow. Daggers and shadow spells are their most lethal weapons. Enemies should tremble before a true Dark Assassin, for they never know where the ambush comes from.


Shadow Dash – Instantly appear behidn the target and stab it, dealing 700% physical damage and interrupt its action. Generates 2 Grim Points.
Ninjutsu Lunge – Thurst your way through the target, dealing 200% physical damage to all enemies hit. Generates 1 Grim Point.
Annihilate – Finisher. Lethally rip into the vital part of the taret, dealing devastating physical damage. 1 GP = 400% physical damage, 2GP = 900% physical damage and 3GP = 1500% damage.
Smokescreen – Cast a smokescreen around you for 5 seconds. You have 100% chance to dodge attacks whne in it. Enemies caught within 30% slowed and silenced. Generates 1 Grim Point.
Kunai Toss – Throw 8 Kunais to random targets around you, dealing 50% *8 physical damage in all. Generates 1 Grim Point.
Drink Blood – Convert 50% dadmage done to heal you for 6seconds. Generates 1 Grim Point.
Cripple – Finisher. Sever the nerves of the target, reducing its move speed by 30% for 9 seconds. 1GP: 60% physical damage, 2GP = 109% physical damage, 3GP= 180% physical damage.
Frenzy – Finisher. Accelerate your attack speed by 160% and move speed by 20%. 1GP = Last for 5 seconds, 2GP = Lasts for 10seconds, and 3GP = Lasts for 15 seconds.
Stun Grenade – Finisher. Hurl stun grenades to all enemies within 24yd, dealing 100% physical damage and stun them.

2. Sandigma cheats auto-pilot bot. Because this game has no energy system, we can abuse grinding and farming using auto-pilot bot. We can play 24/7 as hardcore players but if you are just casual gamer and yet serious in this game, you can let bot play the game for you. All you have to do is to download a Repetitouch (free) or play Sandigma using Nox emulator. Repetitouch can let you record and play the action you made in game as well as Nox since it has built-in function of recording script. So while you are playing, you can record the action on activating skills. Do not worry about normal attack or aiming your target as this is already automatic in game. All you have to do is to record how you randomly cast skills in game until you complete the level. Once you confirmed your victory as well as experience points and items you got, stop the record and then play it again. As you can see it will automatically do the action based from what you did on the previous run. Through this cheat, you can farm 24/7 without exerting too much effort. Just make sure that your bot and game synchronized together or else you need to wait for the bot to go back the missed action required in game. The cheat will work still but it will takes longer to complete the run and that is a downside for farming/grinding.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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