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In the game where map is the primary ingredients on why it is unique from other shooting game, it is important to understand and master the map. The main challenge in this game is not actually the shooting part but the map. Your winning element is how you will get advantage over the map. You can win the game even you are not good in shooting as long as you have the advantage over your opponent through position. And for you to get this advantage you need know more about the battleground of Rules of Survival.

That is how they designed the game and that is why there is a safe zone and danger zone that will dictate the flow of the game. This is actually the element of the game why we never get tired of playing the game even the mechanics are still the same – to survive. No single round will be the same from one another because it has a massive map to play with. Also don’t get me wrong about mastering the map is not about memorizing the items you can loot from a certain place because that is not how the game works.

Items are spread out to the game in random. The safe zone is random too and even opponent are totally random. The only thing that is certain is the map. So we believe that mastering it will gives you a full advantage.

Familiarize yourself with path, hills, spot, houses, even the water surface which you can use to travel is also viable in game. To help you working out the map familiarization we posted the entire map of Rules of Survival below:

If you just started playing the game, it would be better if you are going to familiarize yourself with small area. So it would be better if you will have the same drop off for couple of rounds. Find a high ground as this is a basic advantage on any shooting game. In contrary you need also to know the location of an open area like field or terrain that which you need to avoid as these will make you defenseless or can be use against your opponent.

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