Rolly Vortex Guides and Tips

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Rolly Vortex is a game from Voodoo. This is an ultra addictive high score chaser and a great time killer. The concept of the game is very basic, all you have to do is to slide your finger to angle a ball in a sequence of rotating hoops. The game’s features and changing shape can really help you jump in an exciting gameplay. Spin swiftly, focus and guide yourself in different hindrances and challenge your friend to totally feel this game.

Our Rolly Vortex Guides and Tips is here to help you get a high score and get started.

1. Stay Focus

Keep your eyes in the game especially on your next target. This strategy will help you to be prepared for what’s to come next and can surely help you to stay alive longer compare if you’re conscious and focusing in immediate obstacle.

2.  Stay Alive No Matter What

As the game goes by and you get far enough, red gems will start to appear, don’t be tempted by them!- it’s so dangerous! Guiding them is the best way to lose so only collect them if they are placing in a safe area. Remember, gems are necessary but staying alive in the game is more important.

3. Have A Steady Hand

Keeping steady in the game shouldn’t be a big deal. Don’t allow the ball to swing around on its arc excessively. There’s a big possibility that you flip yourself too when you see those hoops changing. Twirling hoops is the reason why psyche you out.

That’s all for our Rolly Vortex Guides and Tips. If you have your own strategy that would like to share, then feel free to comment below. Enjoy playing!


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