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Ristar enter the world of SEGA Forever classic games collection. It is a 2D platformer which is similar to Mario and Sonic games. This game is not be so popular as the other games that Sega released but this is can be your one of the best game that your mobiles have. It’s quite a lot of fun so download it now to enjoy and experience being a Ristar.

Use yourself to project through different levels and the combat is a also great. Ristar catch enemy and push himself to move in a particular direction or move himself in the air so that he can headbutt the enemies I would say that’s a totally painful.

Ristar is an anthropomorphic star. Actually He is a black ball  with legs, arms, white gloves, shoes and he has a giant star face. Did you know that Ristar move in some kinds of planets? Each planet has two stages, with a sub-bosses that you should to defeat on the first stage and it also has a final boss.

Aside from running and jumping, Ristar mostly sticks on his grabbing move. He can grab and swing objects in the environment. He move so that he can grab an enemies and then propel himself to do some significant bit of damage. Ristar can also carry items, open treasure chest and then do some a great wall climb.

He doesn’t jump very high nor leap very far. It forces you to  get clever to his swinging and grabbing acrobatics moves. There is also a little bit of leaning curve at the beginning. You can can’t see the possible and isn’t with his abilities but if you continuously play this game, things become clearer.

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