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From the creator of Loong Craft, now you are going to witness a new open world MMORPG on your mobile device with Rise of Gods. In this game you can enjoy the ultra graphics, full 3D enhanced effects in your mobile phone. You will witness the high end graphics from lively castles, swamps, forest and the ever world of magic and dragons.

And from what we enjoyed a lot in Loong Craft, you can also experience Epic State War in Rise of Gods wherein you can join the global battlefield to fight against your enemies from around the world. So this gonna be a one global server with 6 factions. Now prepare yourself for the war based on your state.

Since this is MMORPG, expect that you are going to experience features such as arena, PvP, guild wars, party, dungeon and lot more that focus on competition. They designed the game that way so players will push their limit to play seriously with their competitors. With the competition rises, this will be their chance to encourage players to spend cash in game. Pay-to-win as what most players but for us who have enough knowledge on how to win the game without spending cash, we always have the edge to win the game. That is what we are going to share to you just in case you want also to compete and yet spending money is not an option for you.

1. How to level up and farm gold easier. This is the cheat we did to dominate Loong Craft and because they came from same gaming company, we expected that this going to work here in Rise of Gods, and we successfully got the same result. In this cheat you can double or even triple that experience point and gold you get from grinding. Actually it is given for players to do this trick as they promote the social essence of the game, what we are only going to do is to abuse or to ensure that we will get the best out of it in this feature.

The trick here is to play with a team and enjoy the gold and experience point of each player. Meaning to say if you a member of a two-character team, you will get double experience point as well as triple for 3-member party. Now it is not actually difficult to find a team and play with you as what most players are doing. But the question now is how can you make an edge from it. The answer is by means of creating a three characters and put them in one party. With this, you will get all the gold and experience point on every kill for your three characters.

Also the problem in partying is maintaining the team especially for AFK grinding. Not all people will play the same as you especially if you are a hardcore. It will be pain to see that your teammate left you while you are AFK. So the best thing you can do here is to make an army by yourself. This is to ensure that the whole team will play accordingly based on your set up. This is very effective on AFK grinding wherein there will be no DC problem on AFK set up.

2. Log in daily for rewards. It doesn’t matter if you don’t feel playing for a long hours. All you have to do is be on game and claim your daily rewards. This what I like as a free-to-play user to enjoy a premium benefits without spending cash. Also with the cheat I mentioned above, it is not difficult for us anymore to get benefits from this rewarding system.

3. Complete your quest. Now for more challenging and rewarding, you can check the achievement tab for task you can complete in return of rewards such as Hymn of Heroes, Path of Glory, Eternal Quests, Pantheon, New Hope and Enthroning. Unlike with daily log-in this time you need to exert effort to get rewards. Efforts that will challenge you to extend your margin on every progress.

4. Complete your title for stats. For permanent stats you can consider investing with title wherein you can get a permanent stats from every task you’ve done. This is challenging and mean to be complete for couple of days or even weeks. This will also adds up moral to your character showing that you completed a good milestone over other players.

5. Configure your auto-attack (AFK setting). This will benefits you a lot in game aside from controlling the range of your character from small, medium, and large, there is also option for the skill you might want to use in game as well as item you want to get by auto-pick up system. The best of is the potion setting where it is possible for you to save lots of potion in game.

That’s it for my list and if you want to add something here, you can use the comment form below. Let’s up help one another especially as a free-to-play users who just want to compete in a game just like this and let us change the concept of spending cash to win the game and bring back the enjoyment of playing MMORPG through grinding, farming and hunting.


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