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If you are tired of seeing Clash of Clans-liked game in every MMORTS available to play on Android and iOS, you should try Rise & Rule. The game is much likely as Wartide with more complex in terms of city management. Personally I liked this game more than any other Android games I played under this genre. I like how the game challenge their players with their strategy as well as the competition from different kingdom. You will start playing this game by selecting where you will join from one of four kingdom. Under this kingdom, you can build your cities, establish resources, train troops and invite your friends to fight with you. And every time you need to decide for your factions, there is always the same question rising, “what is the strongest kingdom to play with” Well you can join forces with The Boreas in his House of Strivelyn. You can also join House Lasson from the Vesterlands. Or you can join the House of Bourdekin as for the mighty stags. And the House of Thorelian signifies with fiery dragons. Basically players go for Thorelian because of their crest but  actually, your future relies on yours and not with your kingdom. You must employ good strategy in game if you really want to dominate it and that is what we want to share to you below.

1. Focus on building up your resources. In any MMORTS game early game is the most important which decides on what will happen on your mid and late game. And to ensure that you have a good early game, you should focus on building up your resources. I know that attacking other players is the most interesting part of playing Rise and Rule but then if you are serious in this game, you must save the beginning phase not on warfare but on your resources. Don’t rush everything but to plan it and strategize your move. Use all your starting resources to build more resources. Construct and upgrade everything that will give you additional resources. There is nothing to worry with your generals, or defense unit. You just started playing and no one is interested to attack small kingdom. Also you still don’t have pride to defend. So just save everything later when you are ready to wage war against them all. Make sure that everything you have is for the improvement of your resources.

2. Check your mail and report. From this tab you can earn rewards from activities you completed as well as you can send mail to other players. Aside from mail you can also check reports on anything happened to your kingdom when you are not around such as battle log. Here you can see who attacked you so you can do counter attack and lot more. It is a good practice to always check this one every time you log-in in game.

3. Get additional boost from unlocking generals. You can check your album for it wherein you can get decent boost by reaching the required number of general from different tiers. As for instance, you can collect 4 common generals to increase army gathering speed by 2%. You can also collect 4 rare generals to boost your army load capacity by 2%.

4. Complete your daily activity. If you just started playing the game, initial resource is very important which you can use to create more resources. And one of the best source for it is by completing daily activity and kingdom quest. It is not difficult actually, all you have to do is to know what you need to do and take a patience on completing it. Task includes collecting resources from buildings in the city 1 time so you can get 10 activity points. And once you reach 280 point you are able to unlock all four chests.

5. Upgrade your troops. Aside from general, you have 4 different class of troops that you can use in war such as swordsmen, pikemen, cavalry and archers. Having a good general is not enough, you need also to upgrade your troops. Every class has their own pros and cons over other class such as pikemen is strong against cavalry, cavalry is strong against swordsmen, swordsmen is strong against pikemen while archer is neutral too all just make sure you are going to cease them considering their range. If it is possible for you to train them, just do it don’t waste your time. With this flow, make sure you have always the advantage over your opponent.

6. Participate in Border Wars. This will give you overall advantage upon winning the event. Just check the tab and there you will see how many days or hours you need to wait before you can join the event. This is really fun and by just participating on it, you will not get tired of playing Rise & Rule. This will also encourage you to exert effort to become even more stronger. Upon winning such fortress you can boost your wood production speed by 8% or you can increase the production of your silver by 8% to everyone from your house.

7. Always check hot events. This is a good source of gold (premium currency) especially if haven’t downloaded Rise and Rule cheats yet for unlimited gold. Here you will find different events including first purchase gift pack, level up fund, 30 day bundle, level up bundle, 7 day login and login rewards that mostly deals with gold rewards.

8. Join alliance. Just like in real war, having an ally is a good decision and so with Rise and Rule. You can join alliance and fight with them. Just make sure to join in active guild. Good to know that there is an easy way to know if the guild is active or not. You can refer it on their Alliance Might. Basically the higher number comes with active members. Just make sure to be active too so they will find you useful in guild. Aside from in game advantage of joining an alliance, you can also talk with other players with different topic around the game. Here you can ask them about their cheats or guides or you can share this post to them so they will be informed with different strategy they can do in game.

9. Always do research. This will extend the potential of your kingdom based on different field such as resources, construction, military, and troops. And from what we said focus on resources, you must also do it in researching so it will give mores output. Always prioritize your resources until you have enough to support the warfare of your kingdom.

That’s for basic strategy guides, if you want to share yours, please don’t hesitate to use our comment form below to write some tips and tricks of how you play Rise and Rule. Thanks in advance.


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