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Vanguard is for players who want to play as tank and the front liner in the game. Compare to other games with tank based class, playing as Vanguard you have option to mainly focus with your defensive output or you can go through as sub damager in the team with full of crowd control in initiating combo. If I’m going to look on the way I play MMORPG before I’m very sure that I will go for this class but like what I said in my Gunslinger skill guide, I want to play as carry in Revelation Online as main DPS of the team. Anyway to take a look on Vanguard skill sets, you can check my guide below:

Skill Name Icon Description Cooldown Radius Remarks
Strike Deals 53.2% from Physical Attack + 610-746 damage. 0.6 sec 5m
Roundhouse Strike Deals 162.6% from Physical Attack + 1865-2279 damage to all enemies around the player. 4 secs 5m Applies the Bleed debuff that lasts 6 seconds, and deals 39.8% from Physical Attack every 2 seconds.
Breakthrough Deals 213.1% from Physical Attack + Physical Defence x 0.9 of damage. 6 secs 5x10m If charged for 0.5 seconds, the skill will push enemies away from the player by 5 meters, and decrease their Attack by 10% for 3 seconds.
Meat Grinder Deals 90.6% from Physical Attack + 1039-1270 damage. 10 secs 5m Knockdown on enemies for 3 seconds.
Earthshatter Deals 170.3% from Physical Attack + 1953-2387 damage. 10secs 3x20m Decreases Movement Speed by 50% for 3 seconds.
Leap Leap to your target. 16 secs 5m Deals 90.9% from Physical Damage + 1043-1275 damage.
Stance Swap Allows to switch between Defensive and Assault stances. 6 secs
Deathgrip Interrupts abilities. 15 secs 15m Deals 73.5% from Physical Attack + 843-1030 damage.
Steel Blood (Buff) A buff that lasts 10 minutes. 60 secs 30m Maximum Health Pool of buffed allies increases by 1600.
Ascension (Trinket) Breaks all CC (crowd control) effects on the Vanguard. 24 secs Grants immunity to CC for 3 seconds.
Holy Shield Absorbs 5832 damage for 3 seconds. 10 secs 5m While this skill is active the Vanguard is unable to use any other abilities.
Rage (Buff) Places a buff on the Vanguard that lasts 5 seconds and increases Attack Power and Defence by 20%. 24 secs In Assault Stance, defence is decreased, and Attack Power is increased by 50%.
Shield Throw Deals 294% from Physical Attack + 3003-3671 damage. 10 secs 25m On targets below 10% HP the damage dealt is doubled.
Typhoon Deals 55.4% from Physical Attack + 566-691 damage every 0.5 seconds to all targets around the Vanguard for 30 seconds. 30 secs 3m Vanguard’s Movement Speed is increased by 30%.
Ram Charges 20 meters forward. 30 secs 5m Deals 138.4% from Physical Attack + 1414-1728 damage.
Thousand Rifts Deals 228% from Physical Attack + 2329-2846 damage every 0.5 seconds, for 3 seconds. 30 secs 5m
Cleave Deals 162.7% from Physical Attack + 1661-2031 damage to all enemies in an AoE around the Vanguard. 30 secs 5m Knockdown for 3 seconds.
Judgment Pulls nearby enemies to the Vanguard. Deals 425.6% from Physical Attack + 4347-5313 damage. Stuns for 3 seconds
Courage Breaks all CC effects on the Vanguard and allies around the player. 30 secs 10m Physical and Magic Attack is increased by 314 for the Vanguard and allies for 5 seconds.
Absolute Protection A buff that lasts 10 seconds. 75 secs 3m Damage taken by the Vanguard is decreased by 50%.
Aerial Strike Deals 87.7% from Physical Attack + 1006-1230 damage. 0.6 sec 5m
Aerial Shield Deals 290.5% from Physical Attack + 3333-4073 damage. 4 secs 30m Damage dealt on targets below 20% HP is increased by 100%.
Aerial Meat Grinder Deals 285.1% from Physical Attack + 3272-3999 damage every second for 3 seconds. 6 secs 2x5m The Vanguard is unable to move while using this skills.
Aerial Deathgrip Pulls the enemy target to the Vanguard. 15 secs 30m Interrupts abilities.
Might of the Dragon 20% more Resource from using skills. Passive
Wrath Increases the generation of Resource for the Vanguard and all allies within range by 16%. 30m Passive
Healthy Body For each 10 Strength, Endurance, Intellect, Dexterity, and Spirit, maximum Health Pool is increased by 60. Passive

Vanguard is really fun to play despite of being the tank, you will experience dynamic based on stats and how you build your Vanguard. This is one of the most important member of the team together with Shapeshifter that will play as support. Best on 3 v 3 PvP and a big threat in 1 v 1 fight. If you think this class is for you or you want to discuss more about this class, you can catch us through comment form below.

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