Revelation Online Vanguard Skill Guides


Vanguard is for players who want to play as tank and the front liner in the game. Compare to other games with tank based class, playing as Vanguard you have option to mainly focus with your defensive output or you can go through as sub damager in the team with full of crowd control in initiating combo. If I’m going to look on the way I play MMORPG before I’m very sure that I will go for this class but like what I said in my Gunslinger skill guide, I want to play as carry in Revelation Online as main DPS of the team. Anyway to take a look on Vanguard skill sets, you can check my guide below:

Vanguard is really fun to play despite of being the tank, you will experience dynamic based on stats and how you build your Vanguard. This is one of the most important member of the team together with Shapeshifter that will play as support. Best on 3 v 3 PvP and a big threat in 1 v 1 fight. If you think this class is for you or you want to discuss more about this class, you can catch us through comment form below.

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