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Master of crowd control and AoE damage that use elements from ice and lightning. This class is for those who like to unleash burst damage against hordes of enemies. Very fun to play because you have different stance that comes with different elements that you can maximize based on how you wish to use it again your opponent. Now to check their arsenal, below are the Swordmage skill guides that will help you play this class as well as knowing if the playstyle of Swordmage is for you. So let’s go!

Skill Name Icon Description Cooldown Range Remarks
Cloud Deals 35% from Magic Attack + 543-664 damage. 0.5 sec 25m Fire Stance: 20% chance to decrease Magic Defence by 10% for 5 seconds.
Meteor Deals 165.9% from Magic Attack + 2575-3147 damage. 0.5 sec 25m Applies a debuff Burn that deals 189% from Magic Attack for 5 seconds.
Freeze Freezes the target and nearby enemies. Frozen enemies cannot move for 2 seconds. 5 secs 25m Deals 66.7% from Magic Attack + 1035-1264 damage.
Elemental Stance Allows the Swordmage to switch between Fire, Lightning, and Ice stances. Generates Elemental Charge every 5 seconds. The charge can also be acquired through usage of certain skills. Max. 5 Elemental Charges.
Elemental Attack Consumes 5 Elemental Charges. Effect depends on the Swordmage’s stance. Ice Stance: Deals 127.4% from Magic Attack + 1977-2417 damage and Freezes, making movement and skill usage unavailable for 5 seconds.
Lightning Orb Launches an orb that detonates at impact with the enemy. 25m Deals 184.1% from Magic Attack + 2857-3493 damage.
Falling Star Lets the Swordmage jump back on use and deals damage in front of the player for 3 seconds. 10 secs 5m Deals 51.2% from Magic Attack + 794-971 damage.
Ice Ring Freezes surrounding enemies for 3 seconds. Any damage breaks the freeze effect. 10 secs 5m Deals 79.9% from Magic Attack + 1240-1515 damage.
Star Power Immediately restores 600 Mana to the Swordmage, and 300 Mana to allies. 30 secs 30m Your Magic Attack is increased by 142, and increases max Mana Pool by 1200.
Blink (Trinket) Breaks all CC (Crowd Control) effects and teleports forward 20 m. 24 secs
Star Sword Places a sword down that lasts 10 seconds. 25m Stuns enemies for 3 seconds.
Icewing Protects from all incoming attacks for 5 seconds. For the duration of the skill, all skill usage and movement is restricted. 45 secs Effect cannot be removed.
Punishment Consumes 1 Elemental Charge. 10 secs 5m Ice Stance: Deals 296.1% from Magic Attack + 4091-5001 damage and Freezes for 3 seconds.
Sword Dance Deals 120.8% from Magic Attack + 1669-2040 damage every second for the duration of 30 seconds. 30 secs 5m Grants immunity to all CC.
Blade Fan Deals 569.6% from Magic Attack + 7873-9622 damage. 25m Knockdown for 3 seconds.
Skyfire Consumes 5 Elemental Charges. 5m Lightning Stance: Deals 145.5% from Magic Attack + 2011-2458 damage every 0.5 seconds for the duration of 10 seconds.
Star Edge Deals 138.5% from Magic Attack + 1915-2341 damage every 0.5 seconds for the duration of 2.5 seconds. 30 secs 20m
Ice Ram Swordmage launches forward for 5 seconds on his sword and deals damage to all enemies upon impact. 30 secs Immunity to CC and increased movement speed.
Void Deals 82.3% from Magic Attack + 1138-1391 damage. 25m Pulls enemies to the middle.
Ice Castle Stuns enemies in front of the Swordmage for 5 seconds and deals damage after the effect ends. 30 secs 20m Deals 395.1% from Magic Attack + 5460-6673 damage.
Aerial Cloud Deals 50% from Magic Attack + 776-948 damage. 0.5 sec 25m
Aerial Freeze Freezes the target and nearby enemies for 2 seconds. 5 secs 25m Deals 150.8% from Magic Attack + 2341-2861 damage.
Aerial Orb Deals 159.1% from Magic Attack + 2469-3018 damage. 25m The orb deals damage to the initial target, then jumps to the next target, for up to 5 targets.
Aerial Punishment Deals 491.9% from Magic Attack + 7637-9334 damage. 10 secs 50m Pushes enemies 5m away.
Aerial Dance Deals 118.3% from Magic Attack + 1836-2244 damage every second. 30 secs 5m Immunity to CC.
Aerial Blink Breaks all CC and teleports the Swordmage 20m forward.
Stars All skills have a 20% chance to generate Elemental Charge. Passive
Shine Aura that increases Magic Attack by 6% for the Swordmage and allies. Passive
Healthy Body For every 10 Strength, Endurance, Intellect, Spirit, and Dexterity, maximum Health Pool increases by 60. Passive

That’s for my Revelation Online Swordmage skill guides and if you want to add something to my list or want to discuss about this class, reach us through comment form below. Hope you will enjoy the potential of this class.

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