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This is the heart of the party especially on end-game dungeon, this class is very in demand as you can’t live without a support that Spirit Shaper can give to a team. Though most players wants to play as carry or tank and this class is the least-liked among other class but we need to admit that in Revelation Online, Spirit Shaper is very important. And to give you the preview of skills you can use as Spirit Shaper you can check out our list below:

Skill Name Icon Description Cooldown Range Remarks
Soul Smite Deals 35% from Magic Attack + 543-664 damage. 0.5 sec 25m
Glowworm Enemy target receives a debuff Glowworm that lasts 6 seconds, and deals 50.8% from Magic Attack + 727 damage every 2 seconds. 5 secs 25m
Bluebird Deals 206.5% from Magic Attack + 3205-3918 damage. 25m
Spring Breeze Restores 58.1% from Healing Power + 298-395 HP for 10 seconds. 1 sec 30 Can be stacked up to 3 times.
Dolphin’s Dance Deals 114.6% from Magic Attack + 1779-2174 damage every second, for 5 seconds. 5m Decreases Movement Speed for affected enemies by 50%.
Nature’s Touch Restores 338.7% from Healing Power + 1742-2129 HP to all allies within radius. 30m
Green Sprout Restores 123.3% from Healing Power + 666-775 HP to all affected allies, and the Spirit Shaper. 5 secs 30m Stacks 1 Spring Breeze on all affected allies.
Resurrection Resurrects an ally with 48% HP and 24% MP. 30m In combat, resurrects an ally with 10% HP and MP.
Autumn Dew Restores 164.3% from Healing Power + 844-1032 HP every second, for the duration of 3 seconds. 10 secs 30m
Sanctification (Trinket) Spirit Shaper shape shifts into a spirit for 8 seconds and grants new abilities while in this form. 47secs Breaks all CC effects on use.
Soul Armor Applies a shield to the Spirit Shaper, or an ally, that consumes 4060 damage for 60 seconds. 25m Removes all debuffs from the target.
Clear Heart Applies a buff Empowerment, that grants immunity to all CC effects and increases received healing by 50% for 3 seconds. 60 secs 30m Applies a buff Regeneration, that restores 20 HP and MP every 5 seconds, for the duration of 30 minutes.
Deer Ram Deals 177.6% from Magic Attack + (Soul * 19.8) damage. 10 secs 25m Ignores 50% of the enemy target’s Magic Defence.
Snake’s Embrace Deals 116% from Magic Attack + 1603-1690 damage every second, for the duration of 6 seconds. 30 secs 25m Stun for 6 seconds.
Rampant Hawk Releases a Hawk spirit forward, that deals 138.2% from Magic Attack + 1909-2334 damage to all enemies in it’s path. 30 secs 3m Consumes 35 Intellect Energy.
Mountain Yeti Summons a massive Yeti spirit, that deals 140.3% from Magic Attack + (Spirit * 15.7) damage every 0.5 seconds, for the duration of 5 seconds. 25m Every hit Knockdowns enemies for 2 seconds.
Lunar Downpour Restores 183.0% from Healing Power + 1001-1223 HP to the Spirit Shaper and allies within radius. 10 secs 30m Consumes 16 Nature Energy.
Beacon Restores 754.6% from Healing Power + 3735-4565 HP to the Spirit Shaper or an ally. 30m Consumes 27 Intellect Energy.
Flower Vortex Summons a flower, that restores some HP and MP to all allies within radius, every 1.5 seconds,for the duration of 30 seconds. 30m The flower can take damage and can be killed.
Lotus Dance Restores Health and Mana every second for the duration of 10 seconds. 10m Consumes 60 Nature Energy.
Aerial Smite Deals 50% from Magic Attack + 776-948 damage. 0.5sec 25m
Aerial Touch Restores 107.7% from Healing Power + 553-677 HP. 30m Increases Dodge by 50% for 5 seconds.
Aerial Bluebird Deals 209.8% from Magic Attack + 3257-3981 damage to an enemy target and all surrounding enemy targets. 25m
Aerial Downpour Restores 105.5% from Healing Power + 542-663 HP to the Spirit Shaper and allies. 15secs 30m
Aerial Heart Restores 87.5% from Healing Power + 449-549 HP to the Spirit Shaper and allies. 20 secs 30m Grants CC immunity for 3 seconds.
Stability Damaging abilities generate resource that is spent on empowering healing abilities, and increases their power up to 12%. Healing resets the resource. Healing abilities generate resource that is spent on empowering damage abilities, and increases their power up to 12%. Damaging resets the resource.
Eternal Life Aura that increases received healing by 8% for the Spirit Shaper and allies. Passive
Healthy Body For every 10 Strength, Endurance, Intellect, Spirit, and Dexterity, the maximum Health Pool is increased by 60. Passive

As you can see this class got everything you need to empower a team and remain intact in dealing with difficult dungeons. So if you think that playing as support is boring, you must think again. For more discussion about this guide, you can send it in comment form below. Enjoy your Spirit Shaper!

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