Revelation Online Occultist Skill Guides


The most popular class in Revelation Online because of its appearance and being the class that can change set of skills from offense and defense. Though I’m not fan of being a mediocre, I’m always thinking this class to consider once RO release on Western because of its skill effects, weapon (scythe), mount, and gameplay from both light and dark. This class is for player who wants to experience dynamic between skills of both buffs and debuffs. And if you want to play Occultist or Necromancer in Revelation Online, here is the skill guide for this class. Please be aware that this guide is written based from CH server and we are expecting minor changes when this game release on western region. But above all, details are given and understandable enough to know more about Occultist’s skills. I’m also accepting correction or updates regarding with this guide, just poke me through comment form below.

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