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Now that we have the desired class to play in Revelation Online, the next question that will come to our mind is how to level up faster. Unlike in most MMORPG that dominated last decade agi, RO is not a full grindy game that you need to be a hardcore in killing endless mobs to level up. As a matter of fact, RO has a dungeon run limit that disallow players to grind all the way to level up. They want their players to enjoy the other features of the game aside from grinding without losing the possibility for players to level them up. So what we need to do is to enjoy all this features and leveling up will come easy and faster. Below are guides or stuff that you can do to make sure that you are going to level up faster in Revelation Online:

1. Questing. This is common to most MMORPG that involves, NPC conversation, storyline cut scene, dungeon run, boss fight, and lot more. In revelation online you will find quest categorized into 6 such as yellow quest or the main story-line quest, green or the daily quest, red or the dungeon quest, purple or the dungeon quest, blue the miscellaneous quest and orange quest which come as zone question.

You can review all your quest in quest tab and you are allowed to put it in your help menu so you can do auto-pilot on it. Always focus on your main story as this gives the best experience points and loots compare to other quest. Next is the daily quest that must be completed daily as this is easy and meant to complete every day. Day by day you have different tasks which come as talk and run quest around the city. Dungeon quest is the most interesting quest as this involves fighting and a real challenge which you can connect with the breathtaking battle system of the game. Make sure you have a quest on the designated dungeon before entering so you can hit two birds in one stone. Don’t forget that you are limited in entering dungeon so use your attempt wisely.

Through questing, reaching level 35 is not a big problem to you. You can have this one just one a single-sit playtime. Once you reach level 36, your main leveling up process deals with instanced dungeon and other activities that you can add up from questing.

2. Dungeons. Aside from questing, the main source of both experience points and loots is through dungeon. As we mentioned dungeon instance is limited daily so we need to get use the best of it so you will never left behind in level. Because of this system, this makes the game either balanced or unfair to other players. Balanced as hardcore gamers are limited in dungeon grinding, unfair is for those who just started playing the game and they can advance as old gamers. If you are newbie in this game, don’t feel sad because like what we’ve said, this game is not a grindy-based of game. Everyone will reach the max level (79 so far) in 6 months of playing Revelation Online. What is important in this game is your gear which we will discuss in more post in the future as this post if focus on leveling guides.

You will find different dungeon in game such as Spirit Ruins, Valley Fog, Abandoned Shrines, Underground Great Wall Demon, Tower Dragon Shrine, Mechanical Maze, and Blademaster. Every dungeon has their own run limits and it classifies based on difficulty such as trial mode, solo mode, hard mode, raid mode, hell mode, god mode. Make sure to trial all difficulties so you can run through it and use the instance that is allowed daily. This is the reason why you need to become stronger as faster as you can so you can go run on several dungeons difficulty and level up faster.

At you first days of dealing in dungeon, this involves mostly in solo mode but in latter you really need to organize a team for hard, raid and god mode. This is where you will experience that all classes are important and there is no really a specific class that is good in leveling up. What you need to have is a good team that work out with difficult dungeon mode.

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