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I’m planning to write skill guides for all classes in Revelation Online and I will start with my main character. Actually most of the time I play as melee and tank but this time just to experience a different role I will play as DPS Carry and Gunslinger is the best for it. What I really like about this class (not to mention that this class is the official model of RO on their banner) is the mecha  as ultimate ability where you will transform into full robot and boost both defense, offense and CC immunity. This is class is master of range focus on using dual gun (short range burst) and sniper riffle (long range armor-penetrating DPS). If you love to play being a carry, I mean free-hitting, ranging, kiting, and the primary arsenal of the team, this class if for you . Now let’s take  a look on the skill package of Gunslinger.

Skill Name Icon Description Cooldown Range Remarks
Shot Deals 35% from Physical Attack + 472-577 damage. 0.5 sec 30m In Sniper Stance: 20% chance to deal double the damage on a target that is more than 20 meters away.
Bang Bang Deals 120.9% from Physical Attack + 1632-1995 damage. 3secs 30m Sniper Stance: applies Bleed, that deals 15.2% from Physical Attack every 2 seconds, for the duration of 6 seconds.
Shock Grenade Deals 130.9% from Physical Attack + 1766-2159 damage. 15 secs 30m Knockdown on the target and surrounding enemies for 3 seconds.
Heavy Shot Deals 237.3% from Physical Attack + 3203-3915 damage. 0.5sec 30m Sniper Stance: Critical Hit Chance increased by 1060.
Rapid Fire Non-stop fire for 2.5 seconds. 30m Increases Physical Attack by 20% for 5 seconds.
Spiral Blade Throws forth a blade that deals damage for 5 seconds. 10secs 3m Throwing the blade pushes the Gunslinger back 10 meters.
Sniper Stance Toggles Sniper Stance on and off. 5 secs Physical Attack is increased by 12% + 240.
Summon Bot Summons a Bot for 30 seconds. Bot receives 20% of the Gunslinger’s HP + 182 and 50% from Gunslinger’s Physical Attack + 2.
Explosive Trap Places down a trap that lasts 60 seconds. 5 secs 5m On impact deals 114.8% from Physical Attack + 1550-1894 fire damage.
Armour of the Fel Grants immunity to all CC effects for 5 seconds. 30 secs Increases Physical Defence for 2400 for 5 seconds.
Mark of Death Marks the target for 5 seconds, which makes the target receive 1600 additional damage from every attack. 30 secs 30m
Vigor Applies a buff for 10 seconds on the Gunslinger, Gunslinger’s bot and allies for 10 seconds that increases Critical Damage for 10%. 60 secs 30m
Deadly Shot Deals 327.6% from Physical Attack + 3937-4812 damage. 40m Targets with Mark of Death on them receive 20% more damage.
Flurry Attacks all enemies in front of the Gunslinger for 30 seconds. 30 secs 20m radius Deals 129.5% from Physical Attack + 1555-1901 damage every 0.5 seconds.
Destruction The target and all enemies nearby receive damage for 5 seconds. 30 secs 30m Area within radius of fire lights up and deals 48.5% from Physical Attack + 582-712 damage every second.
Skyfire Deals 992.3% from Physical Attack + 5% from current HP + 11,926-14,576 damage. 0.5 sec 30m
Steel Blades Deals 129.6% from Physical Attack + 1557-1903 damage in an area in front of the Gunslinger. 30 secs Knockdown for 3 seconds.
Cage Creates a cage around the target for 5 seconds. 30 secs 5m Deals 139.5% from Physical Attack + 1676-2049 damage every second.
Summon Robot Summons a Robot that has 3 skills and lasts 30 seconds. 30 secs Robot receives 50% from Gunslinger’s HP + 14,564 HP, as well as 50% + 492 from Physical Attack.
Megatron Transforms you into Optimus Prime for 30 seconds (direct translation). 30 secs Grants immunity to all CC.
Aerial Shot Deals 33% from Physical Attack + 445-544 damage. 0.5 sec 30m
Aerial Bang Deals 128% from Physical Attack + 1728-2112 damage. 5 secs 30m Applies Bleed that deals 17% from Physical Attack every 2 seconds, can be stacked up to 5 times.
Aerial Heavy Deals 302.4% from Physical Attack + 4082-4989 damage. 0.5 secs 30m Ignored 20% of Physical Defence.
Aerial Deadly Deals 486% from Physical Attack + 6561-8019 damage. 1 sec 30m Ignored 20% of Physical Defense.
Aerial Flurry Deals 250.5% from Physical Attack + 3381-4132 damage every 0.5 seconds for the duration of 5 seconds. 15 secs 20m
Aerial Armour Grants immunity to all CC for 5 seconds. 30 secs Physical Defence is increased by 21,966 for 5 seconds.
Monster Rage Targets more that 20 meters away receive 10% more damage. Passive
Fiery Might Aura that increases Physical Attack by 6% for the Gunslinger and allies within radius. Passive
Healthy Body For every 10 Strength, Endurance, Intellect, Spirit, or Dexterity, max HP is increased by 60. Passive



Important note: This guide is based from Chinese server and if you are looking forward to use this guide as reference for NA / EU server, expect that there will be changes from different region. But also we are going to update you whatever changes might be happen once the game released on western region. If you want to add your guide, or  any correction from my guide, you can put it down on comment form below. You can also bookmark our website for more Revelation Online guides and tricks as we are planning to cover all classes from skill, gear and end-game guide in the future.

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