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Because  Revelation Online is going release in less than a month from now, there are lots of question rising from different website and communities. This is a common for those players who are very excited for MMORPG and get their edge in the game. Well we are here to answer some of frequently asked questions for this most anticipating MMORPG of this year.

  1. Is this a free-to-play? Yes and that is confirmed from, the publisher of Revelation Online for NA / EU region. We know that this is not really a very good news for some players who have experience of f2p such as Black Desert Online and ArchAge which fell in the same journey of pay-to-win because of cash shop advantage and VIP privilege. Anyway for casual gamers who want only to fly, enjoy the romantic scenary and community, that is a good to hear.

2. Is this a pay-to-win? As of now there is confirmation with cash and business model for this game yet. But based on other region, cash shop deals only with aesthetics (costume) which can’t put players on the top of competition. But of course there might be changes and it will be based on how (publisher) will market their game.

3. Is this an open world? Yes and it is in best of its kind as you are able to experience a full open world with no loading screen from town to town. They ensure that you are going to enjoy your open world experience which most games (Dragon Nest, Kritika, etc)  failed to deliver. They let players to fly into a very dramatic scenery of the game.

4. Is there an IP block / restriction for Revelation Online? Based from the last interview of they are not planning to put an IP restriction for this game the same with other games they published. Meaning to say countries from different region such as SEA (Oceanic countries) can play the game. But they added that this can be changed once the game release as they can’t confirm it until the game launch. No confirmation yet but we can buy founder’s pack from here in SEA which is different from most MMORPG that has IP block (Riders of Icarus) wherein you are not allowed to avail founder’s pack. So this  is a good news as more players will fill the community.

5. When is the official release of Revelation Online? The close beta test will be on October 2016 while there is no confirmation for the open beta of Revelation Online.

6. Can I play this game now? Yes, the game is already released in China server an using English patch you can play it right now. Though not really a perfect translation but enough to understand, test the game and know the class that might be perfect for you when the game release. As for class guides you can check our post for it.

7. How’s PvP in this game? We know that this is how ArchAge and Black Desert Online failed aside before the pay-to-win issue rises. So NetEase (developer) ensure that this will not happen to Revelation Online so they included 8 different features to compete with PvP such as guild duel, guild war, open world PK, duel, Leaderboard based arena, MOBA based game, capture the tower mode, castle siege and territory war.

That’s all for the confirmed information we got from Revelation Online. Like you we are also excited to play this game as we are also planning to share most about this game including guides, updates and tricks. So if you are interested with our journey, don’t forget to bookmark our website or you can also share yours using comment form below.

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