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Date confirmed for the release of Revelation Online Close Beta test and now the next question that will come to your mind is the best class to play on October 25? Actually  this close beta test phase is the best way to try all available classes in game as it is tend to be wiped out once is it is over on November 8. This will answer what do you think the best class for PvP and PvE. And to give you a preview that you might think the best role for you, you can check out our class guides below:


The primary physical DPS in game that is master  of ranged skills, knockdown skills, kiting, and damage against single target. If you are going to check skill package of this class, you can see that this class is for those who play AD carry in most MOBA. Just like with other ranged class, Gunslinger is very vulnerable in close quarter combat. So as a ranged based class, you need to stay in your range. This class is the best for open world PvP considering the range and limitation from other classes. And when it comes with 3v3 and 1v1 PVP I can rate it lower as there are class that can do better such as Vanguard and Spirit Shaper.


The combination of being the tank and DPS in the team. BM is the melee DPS class that is good in both crowd control and tank. Although Vanguard is the main tank in Revelation Online, but as how we experience in playing, gears and equipments influence the majority of your role output so you can still have higher defensive stats than vanguard with proper gearing. Only this class has skills (check BM skills sets) focus on two field offense and defense. Being a tank, this class is fast and can avoid damage easily compare to Vanguard. It has also several ranged attacks that you can use for kiting and PvP. I like to compare Blademaster to Vanguard as this is the hottest discussion when it comes deciding what is better between Vanguard and Blademaster. Blademaster is very good in PvP that can easily kill support and DPS class once get all in with CC and burst damage.


The primary tank in the game. As a tank your role is to lure a boss and keep your DPS and support away from it so they can do their part well. One of the important class in the team along with support. This class can interrupt bosses with his skill package. From most Vanguard experience, this is also a good pick for those who love PvP that not rely too much from support and can kill other class in solo. You are a tank but a good tank doesn’t necessarily tank the damage all the way. You can do dodge by jumping so it give your support an ease in healing you constantly. Just keep your eye on boss and a good way to put in on the direction that will give advantage to your team.


Skill nuker of the team that can do ranged magical burst damage and crowd controls. This class is the top of the line in doing AoE damage which can eliminate hordes of enemies instantly. Despite of doing massive damage, compare to other class, I can’t say that this is good in PvP as the same with Gunner and Swordmage which relies on team as she/he needs a tank to perform most of his/her damage. But that is for 1v1 and 3v3 PvP but when it comes in GvG and open world PvP, this class got good skill arsenals to deals massive burst damage in AoE.


The main support and healer in Revelation Online which is also the most important class in team either PvP or PvE. As you can see on SpiritShaper’s skill sets, it has all buffs you need to survive and boost on any role you are. The best from being support in this game is not only you are doing buffs and heal all the way but you can also do damage if you don’t feel supporting your team anymore. But then you need to still focus on your role and that is on healing your tank or the entire party will fall down. Based from Revelation Online RU server, this class is the most popular and from the NA forum, many players are talking in this class even the game is not yet released on that region. This is a good news as party hunt will not be so difficult contrary on what we experience in most MMO we played.


If there is a Blademaster vs Vanguard dilemma there is also SpiritShaper and Occultist. Occultist or some players called Necromancer is the secondary support in this game and can do both offense and defense depends on players stances or decision on how he build his character. Also one of the main discussion with this class is his appearance, a long-haired guy wielding a scythe make this class popular plus the unique class mount, most players are looking forward for this class. A team with Occultist and Spiritshaper around has a good survivability as they are sharing buffs and heals for the team.  Having skills range from offense and defense, Occultist is the is a jack of all trade that can do damage, AoE, healing, debuffs and buffs.

Hoping upon reading this guide you already have the class in your mind to play. Now considering multiple characters, well I advice that for CBT but once the game released, it is better to have main class that you will focus to play with. End-game items is really difficult to hunt/farm/craft and to have better gear you need to have a better character. The game endorse lots of activities that requires much game time while having multiple characters will hinder you to focus on the best class you are building. Goodluck and have fun!

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