Revelation Online Blademaster Skill Guides


My favorite class ever since I played MMORPG as this is my also first pick to play here in Revelation Online. But like what I said in my Gunslinger skill guides, I want to experience a different role this time. So from melee-tank DPS into a ranged full DPS of Gunslinger. Blademaster known to be the melee bruiser in game which can play good at both offense and defense wielding dual swords and one great sword. Every skill has a corresponding sword to use and the best of this class is having speed despite of playing as a tank. To learn more about this class, we shared below the sets of skills you can use as Blademaster as well as icon, description, radius, cooldown and remarks regarding with the skill. So check it out.


That’s it for my Blademaster skill guide and if you want to play this class or already using this class in Revelation Online, tell us your experience of playing as Blademaster. Also we want to emphasize that this guide has been written before NA / EU release so if you are going to refer it with the said region release, please expect that there might be a minor changes which we are going to update you soon so you better bookmark this website so you can return here for further changes in the future. Enjoy being a blademaster!

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