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My favorite class ever since I played MMORPG as this is my also first pick to play here in Revelation Online. But like what I said in my Gunslinger skill guides, I want to experience a different role this time. So from melee-tank DPS into a ranged full DPS of Gunslinger. Blademaster known to be the melee bruiser in game which can play good at both offense and defense wielding dual swords and one great sword. Every skill has a corresponding sword to use and the best of this class is having speed despite of playing as a tank. To learn more about this class, we shared below the sets of skills you can use as Blademaster as well as icon, description, radius, cooldown and remarks regarding with the skill. So check it out.

Skill Name Icon Description Cooldown Radius Remarks
Windcutter Deals 26.8% from Physical Attack, and additional 307-375 physical damage. 0.3 sec 3m Every 3rd attack deals double damage, and requires double cooldown.
Slash Combo Deals 7 combo hits, each hit dealing 40.2% from Physical Attack, and additional 461-564 physical damage. 8 secs 3x5m Last combo hit deals massive damage and knocks down the opponent.
Albatron Deals 91.8% from Physical Attack to every enemy around it, every 0,5 seconds through the duration of 1,7 seconds. Additional 1053-1287 physical damage. 5 sec 5m 20% chance to apply a buff that increases Block by 200 points for 10 seconds.
War Tactic While using the two-handed greatsword, increases Parry for 30 seconds. 5 sec While using the double-blades, increases Crit Damage for 30 seconds.
Energy Wave Releases a wave in front of the player, dealing 71.6% from Physical Attack, additional 821-1004 physical damage. 2 sec 3x20 20% chance to apply a debuff that decreases the enemy’s Strength by 5% for 5 seconds. The debuff stacks up to 3 times.
Shattering Blade Hits 4 times, and deals 79.9% from Physical Attack, additional 916-1120 physical damage. 10 secs 8m 50% chance to apply a debuff that decreases the enemy’s Defence by 257 points. Debuff stacks up to 5 times.
Dash Gapclosing skill. Dashes to the enemy. 10 secs 15m 2 seconds after the dash, if pressed again, deals 109.6% from Physical Damage, and additional 1257-1537 physical damage.
Fixated Shield Character assumes a stance, and increases Parry and Block by 25%, grants immunity to all CC (crowd control) skills for 2 seconds. 15 secs
Power Slam Deals 111.6% from Physical Attack, and additional 1280-1565 physical damage to all enemies in front of the player. 10 secs 3x20m Knocks down for 3 seconds.
Burst (trinket) Breaks all CC on the player. 15 secs 3x10m Deals 82.1% from Physical Attack, and additional 941-1150 physical damage.
Boomerang Deals 341% from Physical Attack, and additional 3913-4783 physical damage. 15 secs 3x15m
Adrenaline Decreases player’s HP to 1 point, but grants immunity to all CC and all damage for 5 seconds. 49 secs Increases Dodge by 100 points.
New Moon Deals 322.7% from Physical Attack, additional 3295-4028 physical damage. 10 secs 5m With a charge time of 0.5 seconds, Piercing Defence 25%.
Feather Cutter Deals 541.3% from Physical Attack, additional 5529-6758 physical damage. 20m Increases Strength +20.
Supersonic Assault Every 0.5 seconds throughout the duration of 2 seconds deals 115.6% from Physical Attack, additional 1181-1443 physical damage. 30 secs 20m Increases Strength +20.
Starfall Every 0.5 seconds throughout the duration of 4 seconds deals 260.4% from Physical Attack, additional 2660-3251 physical damage. 30 secs 6m Increases Strength +20.
Hurricane Deals 114.7% from Physical Attack, additional 1170-1431 physical damage every second. 30 secs 5m Increases Strength for +20.
Gravitation Knocks down all enemies around the player for 3 seconds. 30 secs 5m Deals 75.3% from Physical Attack, additional 769-940 physical damage.
Heaven Slash Deals 132.3% from Physical Attack, additional 1351-1651 physical damage. 30 secs 5x10m Increases Strength for +20.
Branded Applies a brand that lasts 10 seconds. For the duration, it collects 30% of damage dealt to the enemy, and releases it onto the target when the time runs out. 45 secs 20m Maximum damage of the brand doesn’t exceed 1,000,000.
Aerial Slash Combo Every hit deals 34.6% from Physical Attack, additional 396-485 physical damage. 0.1 sec 3x5m Decreases flight speed by 50%.
Battle Wing Deals 192.6% from Physical Attack to the target, and targets immediately around it, and additional 2210-2701 physical damage. 3 secs 5m Decreases defence against physical damage by 257 points.
Aerial Albatron Deals 122.7% from Physical Attack every 0.5 seconds, and additional 1407-1720 physical damage to all targets around the player. 5 secs 5m
Aerial Dash Gapclosing skill. Dashes to the enemy. 10 secss 30m (range) Breaks all CC effects on the player.
Aerial Heaven Slash For the duration of 3 seconds deals 232.8% from Physical Attack, additional 2671-3265 physical damage. 10 secs 5m 20% chance to terminate the enemy’s flight.
Aerial Adrenaline Decreases player’s HP to 1 and gives immunity to all CC and all damage for 10 seconds. 23 secs Increases damage from HP by 20%.
Burning Blood While attacking and doing damage, you collect Fury, that can be released using the skill War Tactic. Passive
Battlesword Increase piercing through Magic and Physical resistances for yourself and your party members by 10%. Passive
Healthy Body For every 10 points of Strength, Endurance, Intellect, Dexterity, and Spirit, increases maximum health pool by 60 points. Passive


That’s it for my Blademaster skill guide and if you want to play this class or already using this class in Revelation Online, tell us your experience of playing as Blademaster. Also we want to emphasize that this guide has been written before NA / EU release so if you are going to refer it with the said region release, please expect that there might be a minor changes which we are going to update you soon so you better bookmark this website so you can return here for further changes in the future. Enjoy being a blademaster!

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