Revelation Online AFK Grinding Guides : Hot Spring


In Revelation Online, grinding is nonstop even you are in AFK you can get experience points, thanks to Hot Springs  feature of the game where players can use the Hot Springs to drink and easily earn massive amounts of XP points. This is one of the best way to level up for players who is not hardcore enough to play 24/7. Aside from AFK grinding this is also a good way to to chat with other players and build up community. Here’s a place where harmony between relaxing music and dramatic scenery bound. Now for the in-game guide on this feature you can check our post below:

Upon reaching level 25, Hot Springs will be unlocked in two locations such as a small town inside the tavern and in the 3 major cities inside the tavern. These hot springs can be accessed through a blue teleportal inside the tavern. Near the portal you will see a merchant, who sells pots that will allow your character to acquire experience points from being in Hot Springs upon consumption. As you can see she sells these handy pots in return for Cloud Certificates and one of the pots can also be purchased with gold.

These pots can be used 5 times per day and this can also be acquired through quests as well as new comer’s chests and usually can be bought from the said merchants. In Hot Sprint, experience points that you are able to receive is fixed and it is based on the pot you consumed. The exp buff from the cheapest pot lasts only an hour so different pots comes with different effects.

Aside from spending money for pots, there is also an option to get experience from AFK and this is through fishing. In Hot Springs, you are allowed to fish and exchange what you got for pots. But before you can fish you need to get fishing equipment first from the merchant which comes as fishing rod and bait. For first timer they can buy a chest where they can get all items they need for fishing. Once you have the equipment needed, just go to your inventory and click on it to open up the fishing feature of the game.

Here you need to catch fish inside the circle indicators in the water and you have to aim your throw. The closer you hit the center of the indicator the higher the chance of you catching a fish. With the bait set, you just need to wait until a fish takes it and for you to pull your rod. This will gives you an option not to spend money in buying an experience pot if you don’t want to spend Cloud certificates or in game currency.


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