Requesting for Mobile Legends Mod Skin


Please release a mod skin for Mobile Legends, just like in League of Legends so like us who are poor or having no credit cards can still enjoy the new look of all heroes. I know that skin is the only way for devs and publishers to make money in this game however mod skin will not affect the market since it only visible to users’ end. Actually this is a good way to market their skin that serves as free trial. If the potential buyer enjoy it, they will surely buy it so other players will see that he has awesome skin.

Also I don’t see any illegality in downloading Mobile Legends mod skin. Look how big Riot and other League of Legends is. They are very strict in legality issue. They passed lawsuit against those who develop cheat for their game. But never in the history of LoL that they filed a case against developers who created mod skin.

Aside from legal issues, they are also strict on banning players who failed in their compliance. But with several issues of permanent ban account, no one get suspended from using mod skin.

Hope they will see the same perspectives as Riot especially on mod skin issue. We all know that League of Legends is the major influence of this game, so we are not closing our door for the release of Mobile Legends mod skin.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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