Rapid Clash Guides and Tips

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Rapid Clash is a great game where you can join and have a conflict between empires. Just take a part in dynamic battles, defeat all enemies, crush bosses and fortresses. Have a strategy, let your warriors on the battlefield and take squads to the target. Unlock all new heroes and try to learn unique combat abilities.

Understand The Gameplay

The concept of the game is based in the sliding function. To take an action, you need to control everything with a single slide on the screen in certain direction. Learn more about the controls and continue to walk around and tell your fate in playing Rapid Clash. Destroy your enemy and have a victory party!

Learn Your Army Units

You’ll be encountering many troops while playing Rapid Clash so you need to know their abilities. You also need to understand their pros and cons so that you can use the right units at the perfect time and voice for upcoming disaster. That’s the reason why you need to read this review. Follow the simple tips that I’ve shared and there will be a solutions for your expected situations.

Defeat The Bosses

There will be a strong boss waiting for you at the end of every mission. Do everything to defeat them because they are also do everything to block you from your reaching target. This is the time where your skills as commander will shine because you’ll gonna use your materials to get the best while playing this game. The strong boss is the last phase so try to have a style and a strong strategy to ensure that your victory will be on your hands.

That’s all for our Rapid Clash  Guides and Tips. If you have your own strategy that would like to share then feel free  to comment below! Enjoy playing!

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