Ragnarok Revo Classic Guide: How I Make 5 Million Zenny Everyday


Without using bot of course. As well as buy and sell. So if my story might seems new to you, just continue reading and you are going to figure out my secret of making at least 5m/day.

The key here is the “Myst Case Card” ( Add a chance of gaining “Gift Box” each time a monster is killed.) That you can buy with 500-1m zenny and compound it to your headgear. With such item this gives me 30 gift box everyday. By opening a gift box you are able to get a random item from Gold/Santa Poring card as the most expensive to different dolls. (click here for full list of items that you can get from gift box) As I’m writing this guide today the rate of Gold in my server is 1m+ and if you are lucky enough you can make 2-3 golds out of 30 box. Very profiting!

Gold is a required item for top tier gear in Ragnarok Revo Classic – Upgraded / Gold items. Unlike with cards that not everyone might need it or already have it, the fact is, everyone needs gold so they can have their end-game item. As server grow old, Gold price will raise unless there will be promotion just like in TRO or probably in ROPH wherein you will get free gold by loading up Ex Cash. Well don’t worry because you can bury it to your storage and wait until the promo ends to see the price will be back to normal.

Now to maximize your profit on getting lots of Gift Box you can put your gear compounded by GiftBox on Wizard as they can kill mobs faster and in larger group using their AoE skills. I also advice using Macro and creating a party consisting of 3 wizards (2 SG/1 LoV) and 1 priest for buffs/heal/suffra. With this trick you can make 100 Gift Box daily. (If you are wondering if using macro is illegal or legal you can refer in this article) Just find a good spot and dungeon to farm. I recommend Orc Dungeon 2 as one of the most populated dungeons in Ragnarok. It has also a looter monster (Zenorc / Steel Chonchon) that will be easily lured to your macro-ing team. Just don’t forget to check the respawn time of Orc Lord every two hours so you can keep your characters safe in character select and be back when the boss is dead.

In this trick your goal is to kill as many mobs as possible for a higher chance of getting gift box. You can also consider using bubble gum for higher drop rate.


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