Ragnarok Online Mobile Guide : How To Level Up Faster

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After the deciding what is the best class in Ragnarok Online that works for us, it is time to level it up. This is actually the game that taught me about grinding and farming. Yes you need to level up and do it faster. Unlike with the original version of Ragnarok, you can grind without a limit but this time, you need to strategize your grinding as there is a stamina system that will limit you from leveling up faster. But don’t worry because we gathered tricks below on how to make it possible for you to level up faster.

Yeah we need to manage your stamina well and the best thing you can do here is to save up enough Zeny and avail the VIP ticket from the Auction House. This will increase your maximum grinding stamina from 300 to 400. And if you are looking forward to level up faster in Ragnarok Mobile, you need to grind to 500-550 Stamina with VIP. Here you need to do take advantage the grinding advantage by prioritizing it before doing all your other quests such as story quest, board quest, and main story.

Because it is not a good idea to just waste your stamina by killing 25 monsters for the sake of your quest. Just like what the title of this post speaks, it is about leveling up faster and grinding on the said stamina will gives you a big boost.

Skipping quest as your priority doesn’t mean that questing is not really important in game. Actually the efficient way of completing those quests is when you already used up all your stamina. After you had grind on optimized level, you can start completing your quests. And when it comes to questing, board quest is a good source of experience point wherein you will get the amount of EXP based on your level.

Board quest also comes with optional task wherein you can refresh it by changing servers or channels. For instance, the given task is not possible for you to complete based on your progress, you just change channel/server to refresh it to a new task. But please be mind that this will not reset your board quest limit that comes as your stamina too.

And speaking of faster leveling up, there is nothing more efficient way to grind than to get boosted by 5x Exp and Chain grinding. Here you will see that there is a 5x experience location in every town and they will ask you to do task and earn boosted experience points. These quests refresh twice a day and can be saved up to 6 times. Use this boost where you are able to grind a lot so you can take advantage and level up as fast as you can.

Aside from special x5 EXP boost, there is also special NPC in Prontera that sells a chain for 50,000 Zeny. This is perfect item if you want to use up all your stamina faster and get exp a lot. Aside from EXP, this will also double the drop rate for farming. It is literally doubling the loot wherein you will get two pieces of item from mobs.

By following that tricks, I believe that you can reach the max level in just few days. But actually that is not the end of the game because like how we experienced grinding in Ragnarok, reaching max level is just another adventure for other classes.

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