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It’s a full nostalgia. Next to Ragnarok Mobile, this browser game has the closest version to the popular Ragnarok Online on PC. From location, mobs, characters, stats and to background music. It will let you remember your childhood playing a 2-d character into massively multiplayer online role playing game. I know that we really want to play the original version of RO as they announced that this game will return for SEA audience as well as the release of the English version of RO Mobile. So while we are waiting for those games to release, we can check out Ragnarok Online Journey and enjoy the experience of playing the original game.

The major difference in this game is the VIP system that what makes this game pay-to-win to some. But unlike with typical VIP system, here in RO Journey it has expiration. So players can have a power spike but this is limited. With this kind of system, we believe that it is not how much money you can spend in this game but the consistency and time that players can spend in this game.

That is what I’m going to share to you on how can you dominate this game regardless of not spending cash by the help of cheats and effective guides below:

1. Grinding and farming cheat. Have you noticed that there are some players already reached 2nd job advancement even the game just released hour ago? I believe you also wondering how they manage to reach level 99 easier. It is because they are cheating the game by creating an alt or dummy account to play with their main account. A usual team composition is a wizard and priest party. This is to fully manage an offense (wizard) and defense/support (priest) in a team. Unlike with the PC version, there is a gameguard that limit players from playing two accounts at the same time. Here in browser game, all you have to do is to open a two different browsers or use incognito mode of your browser to open two accounts at the same time.

Aside from technical advantage of a perfect team that can secure both offense and defense, there is also a bonus experience points when you are inside a party. Also the best in doing this cheat is when you are farming for an item or cards. Two heads are better than one. But if you are going to play with someone, all item loots will be divided on members. Now if you are going to play with your dummy accounts, you have a 100% chance to get the item no matter on which character the loot will go.

Use the full potential of this cheat by playing in multiple account not only with priest-wiz combination but try to play with different roles such as tank, support, DPS and so on. In creating an account, I believe there is IP restriction that limits players from creating multiple accounts using 1 IP. To bypass this, try to use VPN or proxy and get new IP for every registration.

2. Claim your online rewards. From time to time you are entitled to claim online rewards. This is to benefits those players who are really actively in game and not just doing some AFK grinding/farming. Just check the time where you can get your next items and don’t forget to check the game on the given time. You can also use macro here, where you can record and execute click upon meeting the time requirement. This is a common cheat for most browser game to claim all available rewards on time-based compensation system.

3. The best way to spend diamonds. Now if you are into spending money in game and you have lot of diamonds, the next question will come to your mind is the best way to spend your diamonds. The answer is on V Plan and expect an  that you will get as much as 1000% investment returns. Just like in real investment, this takes time as you are only able to claim a given items on specific day.

4. Play on newest server. On every new server release in game you are entitled to benefits from Server Open Event. Here you are able to claim rewards by reaching a specific level such as level 50, level 55, level 60, and level 65. This is a limited event. In case that you missed this event, you must play on newest server where you will get compensated by this rewarding system.

5. Configure your AFK settings. This will help you save a lot of pots when you are configure your setting based on your character. Set it on a good life percentage where you will get most of HP from pots. Not too low that it might let you faint but not to high that will waste your resources. Keep in mind that you are farming for gold while doing it wrong will not benefits you aside from experience points.

That’s it for my Ragnarok Journey cheats and guides. Don’t forget to bookmark our page as we are going to share class stats build in our next post regarding in this game.

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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