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Once Upon a Tower is an action tower exploring game. You’re a brave princess here and you must save yourself because there’s no one coming to save you. Don’t be afraid, all you have to do is to set yourself free and I’m sure you can do this with all your power and strength. Escape the dragon and let the exciting adventure begin!

Our Once Upon A Tower Guides and Tips is ready to help in your story and it will guide you in your tower drop adventure!

1. Do your Combo Moves

If you want to start your combo multiplier simply defeat your enemies in a short period of time. The longer you do this method the more points you’ll get. The best way to get this, is to wait for an enemies to move close to each other and then boom!- this is the best moment to hit! You can also do some surprising attack and hit them below in one pitch.

2. Have Power Ups

Power ups is your best friend in this game. They can help you to make the game little easier. In each level you can buy temporary ups. Don’t be bother of your score because every time you die your score wiped out too, so spend your points buying those power-ups to make your princes life easier .

3. Achieve Your Objectives

Check your task from time to time so that you’re aware what you are going to do inside the game and make sure you achieve them all. Once you finish a run, your end score will be multiplied to your current challenge multiplier. 1x is the starting and if you complete a set of challenge it will be x2, so on and so fort. Your objectives is the key by getting high scores, so grab them and do all your best to complete them all.

4. Be Patient

Don’t rush instead be patient and study your environment before you make any move. Make sure you’re not staying  on a row that has windows because the dragon is always ready to make some hello, so dangerous!

The tower is not endless so try your best to escape. Keep in mind that there’s always a reward in the end- there’s a actually a bottom! Try to manage and focus yourself in the game and tell how far you’d go!

That’s all for our Once Upon A Tower Guides and Tips. If you have your own strategy then feel free to share your thoughts in the comment below! Enjoy playing!

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