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This game gave me a new experience for hack-slash game. I really enjoy how this nonstop, yeah really nonstop knight killing all enemies on his way. Full action, you don’t need to find enemies to kill with your skills as the game itself leading you to every spot where enemy lies. On your way you can get new equipment, upgrade it and unlock more skills to help you go higher floors. I also enjoy how your gears reflect to your character. So if you equip an axe, you will see him holding an ax and so with your helmet and cape. And above all there is the leaderboard which I really want to beat players as always I want to get the top of it. If you are with me, you are lucky enough because I’m going to show you how I cheat Nonstop Knight and some guides for playing this app. Are you ready? Let’s go!

1. Nonstop Knight Cheats: Auto-pilot Bot. To make your character really become unstoppable you really need to use auto-pilot bot for it. Using this cheat, you can let your game do progress even without physically playing it such us you are in work or going to sleep. Very essential as you can imagine how much time the bot will work for you and with these hours how much gold and experience you can grind.

First you need to download an app that will serve as bot. If you are playing through your tablet or phone (Android) you can use Repetiouch (free) which is capable of recording and playing the action in loop. If you are like me playing Android games in PC using emulator you can use Minimouse Macro. Just get it from Google Play for free. But as for recommendation, if you are going to play using emulator, go with Nox as it has built-in feature of script record (macro) which can help you record and play your action easily. Also I recommend to play it on PC so you don’t have to worry with your battery which is the common problem for endless farming.

Now that you already have the app needed for this cheat. Record and do this action: Tap on first, second and third skill 3-5 times in rotation. Then click on upgrade, upgrade  your weapon and then close it to complete the cycle. Now you can stop recording and play it in infinite loop. As you can see the game is automatically casting skills and upgrading. This will make your nonstop knight literally become nonstop.

2. Watch video. There is no reason why not to watch it as this can give you lots of gold, berserk potion, revive potion and etc. So as long as there is available video to watch, just grab it. Actually you don’t need to install or do what they suggest, just play the video and then you can close it without downloading the app on ads if you really don’t like it.

3. Offense is the best defense. In this game offense is the best stat as this can help you farm easier. As you can see every time you kill mobs, while you are running to a new spot, your HP regenerate. So what you need to make sure is to complete every spot easier and this is by having a good damage output. But of course you need also to upgrade your defense especially if you see that upgrading your damage requires lot of coins you can shift to other stats to improve with.

4. Don’t use your diamonds for revive. Unless you have downloaded Nonstop Knight cheats for unlimited gems, you should not spend this premium currency to revive. Upon death you can still give try for a boss fight. Actually even you barely kill the boss, don’t feel sorry for it once you die. You can return on that situation for matter of seconds but spending 10 gems you need to consumes a lot of time for it to earn.

5. Perks over stats. Newly acquired equipment always have the higher stats compare to old equipment but it is not a good basis for you to use always newly acquired equipment aside from stats that you can increase by using your coin, there is perk that you need to consider. For me it is actually the one that giving better stats in game especially attack speed. I really enjoy seeing my knight as a real nonstop killing machine and I can attain it upon getting attack speed perks from equipment I have. Also as you can see, you need only coins to boost your gears’ stats but you need gems to re-roll your gears’ perk.

6. Complete your achievements.  If you don’t have source for gems such as spending cash or using cheats, you can rely on completing achievement to get free gems. Here you get claim free gems upon completing such task like collecting 15m coins, completing 25 floors, killing 1k enemies, beat boss in given floor and lot more.

7. Use gold leap. This skill is  good source of gold which you can cast anytime in game as long as it is not in cooldown. So even you unlocked higher level skill than Gold Leap considering that compensation it can give to you, you should equip this skill until you don’t need gold anymore.

8. Ascend! This is the most interesting part for me. Ascend will let you start a new adventure from the first floor which will wipe out your equipment in return of tokens. This token can be used to purchase permanent improvement in game like 100% gold boost, 100% damage boost, 100% skill boost and lot more. Ascend is a good option if you can’t past the current floor anymore. And though this will let you start from beginning still it is not difficult anymore considering your retained skills and additional boost which you earned from ascension. This feature is to keep you playing the game endlessly. But I doubt the word endless especially with the help of Nonstop Knight cheats, we can finish this game or should I say get the 100% content of it within days.

9. Consider the boss suggestion. In every specific floor, there is a boss you need to eliminate so you can proceed to the next floor. But before that boss encounter, you will see a battle suggestion telling you how hard for you to beat the boss. There are “impossible”, “very hard”, “hard”, and normal. This indication is based on your current progress and equipment. With this pre-caution I can say if I’m going to use auto-pilot bot or I will play it manually. Also it is not good to fight boss with very hard indication as it will only be waste of time.

Hope this will help you reach 500th floor. If you have a further question, don’t hesitate to post it comment form below. I would be happy to discuss question regarding with this very exciting game.

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