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I like girls and I love this game, actually this is not the first time for developer, Xiao Junyun to published a girl-themed app for Android and iOS. So if you like games like Girl X Battle and Sexy Academy, you will probably like this game too that share under same creator. This game contains hundreds of Anime girls wherein strategy and tactics is the primary key for winning. Now with your strategy, you need to ensure advantage in different area of the game like ninja girls, gears, levels and ultimately timing on skill casting towards your opponent. In game you can play through storyline, completing side quest and competing against other players. With the competition in game, we are here to share to you some key points of winning game against other players. So let’s go:

1. Login daily for rewards. The same with other Android and iOS games, you can get free items by simply logging in to the game. This doesn’t requires login time you need to stay in game but just simply play the game and collect your rewards daily. Here you will see that the higher the VIP level you have, the more items you can get. Attendance resets every month and the longer the streak the better items you can get get from it.

2. Always check your the level before going to fight. By checking it, you can see how much energy you need to spend, types of enemies you are going to fight and the item you are able to get upon completing the level. As a newbie I know that it is hard for you to memorize all enemies. But there is a way for you to know if this is difficult for you to win beat or not. Just check their rarity. You will see it based on the stars they have in their icon. The more star it has, the rarer and difficult for you to beat the them.

3. Use tooltips. All you have to do is to tap and hold the items, enemies etc. to check additional info for it. There you will see function of each item, how much do you have of this items and equivalent gold for this item. Being a newbie in this game, it is better to check always each item so you will have the idea about it.

4. Take advantage with free draw on vending machine. This is chance for free user to get rare cards so they can unlock higher tier ninja girls. Unless you are not VIP player or not using Ninja Girls cheats for unlimited diamonds, this free draw is very essential. One thing for you to maximize this game feature is to check it from time to time since every draw you need to wait for cooldown to complete. You can write it down and put it in your memo so every time the dispenser is ready to give you free draw, you can collect it immediately.

5. Take advantage with your first 980 diamonds recharge. This is a the biggest treat in game ever as you are able to get 5-star ninja girl by simply loading 980 diamonds plus different premium items in game. This is a one time promo only and your next top up will only give you VIP privilege and no more items. But don’t underestimate that VIP privilege as most of the time, those who get top in game are VIP because of their advantage in game. So if you think that this game is really worth to spend money with, you can be generous on donating your money, in return you will have great advantage in game not only with discounted diamonds and first top up promo but also those VIP privilege.

6. Complete your mission. In this game you have two sets of mission that come as daily task and main task. Each type has their own requirements to complete for you to get rewards. Missions diversify the game so you are going to do something new everyday aside from playing the story line (single player) alone. This is additional features of the game which can give you additional diamonds. Perfectly for those who don’t have in mind to download cheats for Ninja Girls. Also mission is  a good way to know if you are playing this app effectively. If you can complete those quest without having a problem, probably you are in right track and all you have to is to maintain your tricks. While if you can’t maybe you need furthermore assistance such as guides or even spending money to the game. But I guess if you can only follow what we shared here, you will never find this game really difficult to play.

7. Ninja Girls invitation codes. This game uses codes for you to invite friends and earn rewards from it. This is for them to use their players to promote their game to other potential players of Ninja Girls. So both parties here will get the advantage, the one who enter the codes and the owner of that codes. You can only redeemed one promo codes while as the owner of the promo codes, you can share it to several players and earn several rewards. All they have to do is to share their codes to other players for them to use it. Well for you to get or share invitation codes for Ninja Girls, you can use the comment form below to write it down as well as you can get codes below. With every successful invitation or usage of your codes, you will get diamond rewards for it.

8. Take advantage with discounted items. If you are willing to spend money in this game. Make sure to go with those discounted items. From the screenshot below, you will get the idea on how much discount you will get from buying diamonds in bulk. As you can see the bigger the package the more free diamonds you will get in game. So make sure to avail always larger amount.

That’s it for now and if you want to add your own strategy guides for playing Ninja Girls, please share it below through comment form.

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