Nine Stones Guides and Tips

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Nine Stones is a real-time PvP battle. Have a great strategy and don’t let other players conquer your town. Jump in this legendary game, clash between Champions and protect your town! As you get an alarm go to the battle immediately and get the victorious win from battles! Come and experience Nine Stones, the more you play the more you will and get addicted to this game.

1. Check Your Inbox

Check your inbox from time to time to see if there’s any reward to be claim. This is the place where messages and rewards are located and other compensation from the GM as well. Never ignore this one because all the contents of the inbox will be automatically deleted after 3 days.

2. Complete All Missions

Complete missions as much as you can. It helps you to challenge more and stay interested in game. If you follow the mission, you can make Town bigger. If it is too hard just try your best to achieve them all or enhance your skills first and progress your town. Keep in mind that you must finish them all because there’s always a reward waiting for you in the end. You may acquire helpful and resources from quest.

3. Have an Alliance

Guild is important part of Nine Stones. It is important based around the helpfulness of the community that a guild provides. Teaming up is a huge part of this community so in overall there are advantages of becoming a member of a guild. You’re a player so naturally you’re going to need a hand every once in a while so it could be simple if you have an alliance. You’re not going to be a successful player without the benefits that a guild provide. It’s too important to have a bodies helping hands.

4. Check in Nine Stones Everyday

Even though you don’t want to play for an hours, at least you try your best to check in. Take an advantage with this to acquire money and special items that you might use in the future.  As you continue checking and streak you’ll get better rewards. Never ignore this one.

Other tips in Nine Stones 

  • Get Soul from Soul Extract from champion Lobby or from battle.
  • Level- up is always important. Not only champions but also out Town Hall
  • Once Town Hall is expanded, we can make other buildings expanded, too and you can construct new building.
  • You Check- in Reward arrived in your inbox.
  • Repair  and make your storage bigger to acquire lots of space.
  •  Battle points will decrease if you lose invasions.
  • Each Champion’s has Special skill has their own condition to use.
  • You can get items in the lucky coin .

That’s all for our Nine Stones Guides and Tips. If you have your own tricks and strategy guides, dont hesitate to comment below and share your thoughts!

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