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With the release of Lineage 2 Revolution, here comes a new MMO in mobile platform that will takes a countless features such as skills, fighting mechanics, high end visual and epic player vs player content. In this game you will play as a hero bring a hope and light to human race by means of fighting evil and demonic creatures. As a hero you that journey will never be easy  as there are lots of obstacles and challenges that will test your capability in game. Aside from gameplaym, they also included epic storyline that players will find a reason everyday to continue playing not just for grinding. And from the top of any MMORPG, the player vs player system encourage everyone to play competitively that leads them to spend money for this game. Well we are all aware of pay-to-win system that mostly ruin the game but that is given to all free-to-play game what need to do is to adapt on their system by doing our own best of competing without involving our cash in our pocket. And that is what we are going to share to you so you can also win the game without cash.
1. Best class in Nevaeh for PvP / PvE. That is a common question for everyone who want to start playing a MMO. Well to answer the question, it is better to understand the high and low of each class and see what best means to you. As for Nevaeh there are three classes you can pick such as Berserker, Assassin, and Mage. Each class has their own role in game which you need to know.
First let’s go with Berserker, this is the main tanker of the game. But unlike in other MMO the tanker has a major downside when it comes on damage, not in Nevaeh because Berserker can also do decent damage. Everything will be based they way you play this character on both offense and defense. As for me I want to remain this class as tank as he is the only guy can do that role. Because it is tanky it is good in PvP that focus on survival than killing..
Assassin is the main DPS of the game. Perfect in making a physical damage in both fast execution and high damage. I like this class for PvE that let me complete stage as faster as possible. Though I’m not fan of playing a melee DPS, Assassin in Nevaeh will never put you down when it comes to damage.
And lastly, the mage which is good in magical AoE based damage. Though it has a big downside when it comes on defense, there is no class in this game that can surpass his overall damage output. This class is also good in PvP but it requires an advanced skill from player since he needs to maximize his offense to outclass his low defensiveness.
neva 7
2. Auto grinding and farming cheat. Now with the class decided to play, it is time to learn the cheat so you can level up faster. This is with the help of auto grinding and farming cheat so you don’t need to do a purge to easily complete the stage. In this cheat all you have to do is to use a macro/recorder for your tap or key stroke. So instead of doing the same thing over and over especially in grinding, we just need to record and play that recorded action in our behalf.
To make this happen, we need first to download a tool in Google Play store you can play Nevaeh on PC using android emulator, Nox. Nox emulator has a macro feature so you don’t need to download an additional application. First you need to record, so in your first attempt, you need to complete the level as this will serve as your pattern. And then play that pattern and set it to infinite loop so it will grinding 24/7 until you tell it to stop. With this trick, grinding and farming will never be too hard, also you don’t need to spend for Purge feature as you will get the same result.
3. Add friends for energy. The only downside of using the cheat above is when you run out of energy, of course you can don’t dungeon grinding anymore. The best thing you can do to get additional energy is by adding friends and request energy from them. Aside from gifts that you can send, you can also get details from them about the game just like how you visited this website, you will also learn something useful to get edge in game. Just make sure that you are also willing to participate in sending gifts as well as actively joining the community.
4. Redeem your gift from promo codes. If you are one of those lucky players who pre-registered or has a promo code for Nevaeh, you can claim your rewards by entering the activate code. Just go to setting and there you will see a tab where you can redeem your compensation.
5. Participate in event. Our cheat is all about grinding and farming so if you want a premium rewards, the best thing you can do is participate in event where you can do a single top-up, growth fund, accumulative top-up continuously top-up (oh, all pay-to-win) so nevermind. Just participate in event where you don’t need to spend cash and enjoy their rewards. Actually by following the cheat above, you don’t need to spend money anymore to dominate this game.
Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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