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As we first published the official release date of Naruto Online for PC, now we are here to share to you guides in playing this MMORPG anime-based game. Though this game has original content from the anime, still it is the same old school browser game wherein you can do quest in auto by simply clicking the your quest list, you can team up with your friends, upgrade skills, weapon and etc. And of course this game is not exempted on pay-to-win feature of VIP system. We hate that especially we are only here to enjoy game and not to spend money, Actually even as a free-user, you have a chance to win the game if you know how you should play the game exactly. As you can see there are free cash in game which you can save and use it to gain the same advantage as cashers. So even with lower chance, but still you can compete with spenders and that is what we are going to share here:

1. Naruto Online class guides. This is a common question for players who will start in creating a character and selecting a class on it. Usually they want to know what is the strongest in PvP or what is the best in PvE. They want to ensure that they will have the advantage on area they want to play well so they will not feel sorry for it in the long run especially on the end-game. So here we are giving you a preview of each character that you can select in Naruto Online based on what you are going to expect in game.

Midnight Blade (Lightning)

Battle Style: Lightning style Ninjutsu and Kerjutsu. He is adept at using Lightning style Ninjutsu combining it with the use of assassin’s knife skills. This class is know for inflicting massive damage to a single enemies so technically this class is good for PvP (1v1) and also for boss hunting.

Azure Fang (Water)

Battle Style: Water style ninjutsu & medical ninjutsu. She is adept at carrying out chakra operations. Her main fighting methods are medical ninjutsu, poison and water style ninjutsu. This class serves as support in game because of their aiding techniques.

Scarlet Blaze Fire

Battle Style: Fire style ninjutsu and genjutsu. He is able to find flaws in enemies’ ninjutsu and to strengthen his own ninjutsu. He uses fire style ninjutsu for his main attacks using his powers to strengthen his attack and defense. This is balanced class for both defense and offense.

Breeze Dancer (Wind)

Battle Style: Razen Barrage and Wind style ninjutsu. She is adept at causing heavy wind attribute damage to multiple enemies. She uses her feminine charm to gain extra advantages when facing male enemies.

Crimson Fist (Earth)

Battle Style: Earth style ninjutsu and Taijutsu. He is adept at using Taijutsu and uses earth style ninjutsu to strengthen his own attack.

2. Always collect your online pack. As you are playing the game, you have a chance to collect an online pack from time to time. This become available upon completing a current cooldown. They included this to their game to ensure that they are going to play actively in return of rewards. But actually there is a trick for you not to missed this online pack rewards. All you have to do is to take down note the number of minutes/hours you need to wait before you can get the rewards and once the rewards is up for you to claim, they will notify you even you are not playing the game.

3. Get rewards from mini-client. As first time downloading (per account) and using the mini-client to play the game you will be entitled to claim rewards such as newbie gift pack, daily login gift pack and weekly login gift pack. The same concept with online package rewards, these compensations are here for you to play actively using mini-client. Mini-client is optimized for players to minimize crashing issue and stability with loading issues. So even without rewards, we recommend to use mini-client.

4. Get rewards from community events. Here you are able to get massive rewards but not as easy as online pack and mini-client rewards since you need to take your part on inviting potential players to play Naruto Online. What makes it easier compare to other games is that you don’t need to use invitational code / promo codes or spam the comment with “add me” as there are already recommendation on adding friends as well as sharing and liking system on facebook. Here you will get sets of rewards from inviting 1 Facebook friends, 3 Facebook friends and etc. I remember way back on Facebook games era, we created hundreds of account just to take advantage this kind of reward system. If you are serious in playing Naruto Online  you can also do it here and enjoy lots of rewards including premium currency.

5. New server events. This is the reason why it is always good to play on newest server so you are able to enjoy new server events. In this event, you are going to get benefits from daily recharge rebates, battle power ranking event, magatama level up event, level event, group event,, rewards event and ninja exam event. Each area has sets of task you can do in return of rewards including cash, allies and currency. So always go for newest server regardless if this is based on your region or not. Anyway as of now there are only two regions released east and west. So as for EU and SEA players you can join on either two servers for now.

6. Check the benefit hall. If server events expire when the server gets old, benefit hall has permanent rewarding system the compensate players from meeting the required task which include, checking every day, daily benefits, weekly event, level gift pack, power gift pack, resource recovery and activation code. Be sure to check this game feature to see if there is available rewards for you to claim and also it would be better if you know what you need to do in order for you to gain compensation.

7. Get your cash from try your luck. Now that you have lots of ingots from different events in game, the best way to spend it is to Try-Your-Luck lottery system of the game. Here you are able to get free cash which you can spend for better items in game. So even without downloading Naruto Online cheats or spending money for this game, you can still earn your premium currency which you need to compete with VIP players.

8. Activate ninja medals. You will see it in the right side area of your IGN. Here you are able to activate a medal upon meeting a requirements such as Jonim Medal for 2000 gold, Chunin Medal for 888 gold, and Genin Medal for 188 gold. And the best here is upon activating any medal you are able to get lots of rewards which is actually worth of 1888 ingots. Just save enough currency for you to activate medals as your first step on dominating this game.

That’s it for now as the game has just released today. We hope that with this guide, you will help a good jumpstart. If you have a question regarding with this guide, don’t hesitate to write a comment below. Enjoy!

Upon DOWNLOADING or using our CHEATS, we are not liable for anything that might happen to your account.

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